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Gratitude is the Highest Vibration there is

Gratitude is right up there with Love!

Gratitude and Appreciation are two of the most powerful emotions you can have and they are also the highest energy frequency there is.

So many people take their life for granted instead of seeing the gift that it really is.

We only get to have this life experience once.

This is it, so bask in its glory rather than focus on the negative things in life, or your fears of what could happen if you decided to take a chance or a leap of faith. 

When you live life with gratitude as your default, everything changes.

Life is way too awesome to stay focused on the negative, and the more appreciative and in love with life you are, the more it delivers true happiness and more blessings to you.

“Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life.” – Rumi

Some people work and strive for something in the future that they think will make them happy instead of making the journey to wherever they want to go a happy one.

True happiness comes from being grateful Now, not when you get things, or when you think you have ‘arrived’.

You will really never arrive anywhere as we always keep growing and evolving, so make the journey count.

Count your blessings every day.

If you can’t appreciate what you have now you will never be able appreciate anything later either. 

When gratitude is in the front of your mind and in your heart at all times it will change your life.

Sometimes people fear that if they are grateful for what they have things will stay the same and that life will never change for them.

They think that by appreciating their life (that they think sucks) it will keep them in the same place forever, but it’s actually the opposite; that the more you appreciate the more life gives you to appreciate.

And it’s hard to be negative and all doom and gloom when your heart is overflowing with gratitude!

It’s just not possible. When you’re full of full of gratitude and thankfulness, you’re happy.

Gratitude IS happiness.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t want more from life than what you currently have, rather, you’re focusing on your blessings in life and thus aligning yourself with the energy of abundance and blessings. 

Gratitude aligns you with the right energy, the energy that you really want to live and operate in (the flow of Life).

It’s up to us what we focus on in life, what activities we choose to engage in, and where we put our energy and attention.

Appreciation absolutely revolutionizes your life!

So right now, stop whatever it is that you’re doing and take a moment and fill your mind and heart with gratitude and appreciation.

Let yourself be filled with the beauty of life.

Think about how blessed you are.

Now is the best time to be alive, and you’re ALIVE. You’re here, think about that!

There’s so much opportunity with the enormous amount of access we have available today thanks to technology. 

We have the freedom and ability to access all kinds of knowledge to learn new things and improve our lives. 

All the thousands and thousands of eBooks that we can read (or listen to!) whenever we want to, and all the countless of mentors we have access to today that we didn’t have before that we can learn from.

And how about he ability to work from home where you can share your knowledge and wisdom with others as well, and not to mention the ability to connect with friends and family all over the world whenever we want to?

How blessed are we!

Just think about the basic things that many people take for granted, like having a place you can call ‘home’ and food on the table every day.

If you have been without that (as I have), you really come to appreciate those things, believe me.

Right now there are millions of people all around the world who would give anything to have your life. Think about that. 

They would love to have indoor plumbing, hot water, electricity, clean drinking water, a refrigerator and freezer, and a warm bed with clean sheets, pillows and blankets.

So appreciate what you have, even if it’s little. 

We can send a thought of appreciation to people all the time if we choose to.

To the people who built the house you live in, the people who maintain your garden and the streets outside your door, and the people who picks up your garbage and .. I mean the list goes on and on if you just begin to focus in the direction of appreciation. 

We can be grateful for anything, absolutely anything and everything and at all times.

Music (and the ability to hear it!), nature, kindness, sunshine, the ability to read and walk, .. So many things. 

It’s the little things that make the bigger picture.

You can completely turn your day (and life) around when you fill yourself with the emotion and vibration of gratitude.

Sometimes it’s also good to remember where you started out as oppose to where you want to go and appreciate the unfolding and things you’ve experienced along the way and how Life always supported you.

Then you’ll see how everything happened in the right sequence, in the perfect way and timing (even if it was challenging at the time), and quickly you will be filled with wonder, awe, and deep deep love and appreciation for how Life operates.

It’s impossible to not be happy when you see the organizing and connecting energy of the Universe and how it’s always supporting you in whatever it is that you’re focusing on.

What we focus on is what we get.

If you want to be happy, focus on being grateful, sincerity grateful for your life and for what you have and your journey and everything and everyone in it.

Our thoughts and words are very powerful.

They create our moods, and our moods are energy vibrations that we communicate out to the Universe.

Empower yourself by focusing on how great this life is and how blessed you are to be living it and the Universe will respond with the same kind of energy towards you!

When you stop and look around you will see that life is beautiful, great and abundant with all that is good. 

You can change any situation in your life by simply redirecting your mind to focus on what’s right about it versus what is wrong, and when you change how you look at a situation, the situation changes too.

Appreciation is the highest vibration, so think and feel emotions of gratitude, every day.

When you do, you will have powerful shifts and transformations in all aspects of your life.

Gratitude, which is Love for Life, is what ignites and creates the most magical and blessed life.

Right now, write down 5 things that you are most grateful for in your life and really feel the appreciation for those things, people, situations, whatever it is. 

Really FEEL the gratitude and how truly blessed you are because there is so much to be grateful for. So much. ❤

“Thankfulness brings you to the place where the Beloved lives.” – Rumi

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