Online Group Coaching: Three Months, Six Zoom Sessions

The Group Calls are twice a month, at every New and Full Moon. We’ll be focusing on Alignment, Expansion, Freedom and Flow, as well as the current energy themes of the time.

Topic examples:

  • Developing and growing in Trust, and knowing how to participate in the dance between Action and Surrender
  • Increasing awareness, self-awareness and self-knowledge – Creating mind, energy, and consciousness shifts
  • Self-empowerment/belief and confidence – Embracing individuality and wholeness; Shifting back to freedom
  • Uncovering subconscious limitations and programming – Moving from fear and worry to ease and flow
  • Connecting with and working in alignment with the driving force behind your life and your higher self and intuition
  • Living a life of Joy, Peace, Purpose, Fulfillment and Confidence no matter what is going on around you or in the world.

The enrollment fee for the 3 month long group coaching is $550.

The calls are approximately 90 minutes to two hours each time and our first call will be on June 6, 2024. The time will be decided later. I will try my best to accommodate the group as a whole and find a time that would work best for everyone.

Our time together will be empowering, miracle and magic-inducing, and absolutely life-changing!

Do you feel the calling?

Answer the Call and Reserve Your Spot! 😊

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