“Gurus are all saying different things” – Who should I believe, who is right?

Your gut is your inner compass. Use it!

Many people find all the “gurus” and teachers to be confusing.

Some say you are in total control of your life and that you can “co-create” and “manifest” your desires and all that stuff.

Others says that surrender is the way to go and that everything happens in divine timing and so on.

And then we have the peeps who say that you have to only think positive thoughts and be positive and happy all the time (while in reality they would be better off dealing with their emotional issues).

Not to mention religion that tells you that if you’re not good/live a “holy” lifestyle in ‘this life’ you will suffer in the next, or that “you have to come back here again”.

What a waste of life, it’s sad to think that a large majority of people on this planet live their lives in the prison of religious and spiritual beliefs.

Anyways, my point is that there are so many different theories about life.

One thing that these gurus, teachers and teachings has in common is that they present an idea, and while there is some truth to some of them (not all, and only if understood in the right context), they are all just small pieces of a much (much!) larger puzzle.

Yes, absolutely, we should take action, and yes, absolutely, surrender is the way (to the Truth of your being/Life).

And yes, “we are the masters of our fate and the captains of our soul”, but only in the way that we have control over the choices we make in this moment and how we choose to meet life, also in this moment (and this moment alone, always).

Yet we do not have any control at all.

(Because there is no ‘you’, only consciousness doing its thing). 

What makes this confusing is the fact that most people don’t listen to themselves.

They give their power away to other human beings and ideas and concepts such as religion, horoscopes, books and texts, all which are beliefs and theories about life.

Beliefs are not Truth.

So to listen to folks that say do this, don’t do that, do it this way, not that way etc, will only continue to frustrate you unless you learn to listen to yourself (and trusting yourself).

There really is only one way and that is to find and follow your own way.

There certainly is a time for everything.

Right now you might believe something to be true, but that belief is merely a tool so that you can uncover untruth with it and see clearly for yourself what is real and what is not.

For example;

Is what you’re doing (still) working for you? Are you happy, .. satisfied?

If not, why do you hold on to it? Move on.

Remember what I said about ‘small pieces of a larger puzzle’ in the beginning of the article.

Do what you feel inclined to do right now, and when you’re done, move on.

Leave the teachers, burn the books. Just move on. Don’t get stuck anywhere. 

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Is it working for you right now to take action and work non-stop (“take massive action”) with something that is of importance to you, or does it start to feel like you’re not coming from a place of inspiration anymore, that you’ve moved into a space of forcing and struggling?

Well, if so, then surrender and letting go would be in place, that would be the next (obvious) thing to do.

Struggling, forcing and suffering is never the way to live and there’s a huge difference between conscious, necessary effort and forced effort. 

Listen to yourself.

We are meant to follow our own natural rhythm, our own flow, not the flow of some idea or concept!

Whenever you have to consult with other people for an answer (guidance is something different), you’re headed in the wrong direction.

You already have the answer. If you listen to yourself you will always know what to do next, and sometimes that is nothing at all.

Sometimes Life leads to you to a specific teacher or teaching so that you can make use of it to further your spiritual and personal growth, but if you become attached to it/them (thinking they are “The Truth”), or dependent/addicted, you’ve just made yourself a crutch and that will only lead you into more limitations.

Going to psychics, reading horoscopes and kissing Guru’s feet are some of the crutches many people have that keeps them spiritually immature, and specifically religion and culture keeps even whole countries retarded and underdeveloped. 

To help suspend belief in outside powers and to operate on a different level of being, all the childish things needs to be put away so that the person can grow up and become mature in their spirituality. 

And when you clear spiritual, emotional and mental blockages that keeps you in bondage, you will naturally come home to yourself and find your own way through life.

When you do, you become observant about what’s going on in your life and around you and the answers you’ve been seeking will present themselves in the most amazing ways for you.

This usually happens through coincidents, signs meant specifically for you, opportunities and things that come your way ‘out of the blue’, and other patterns of unfolding that you become increasingly more aware of as you grow into yourself.

So my suggestion for you today is to stop listening to others for the time being.

Especially if you have an unsatisfied, empty feeling inside of you.

A nagging feeling that something is not right, or the realization that whatever it is that you’re doing is simply not working for you anymore.

That whatever they are saying to you is not feeling true or real for you. 

They” being the gurus, teachers, books, concepts, ..

Stop. Shut them out, throw them away.

And instead begin to remember who you and what you know deep within yourself.

Don’t be a conformist.

The world is full of conformists.

They are the ones who conform to the limits set on them by other peoples beliefs and belief-systems.

What the world calls a “holy” or “right” lifestyle in all its varieties has nothing to do with the flow that runs your life.

When you become free from the fixed concepts of how you think (or have been taught to believe) the way the world is, you find it is far more miraculous and amazing than you thought it was.

The very collapse of the beliefs in which you have sought security and stability in is a pure miracle that sets you free: Truth sets you free.

And this you have control over, you can ‘make it happen’.

Initially it may feel difficult to accept that you are that powerful because the programmed mind that is molded, shaped and pushed about by circumstances is what keeps you feel small and helpless, but when you remember.. Wow.

You are powerful.

You are.

It’s other people’s expectations and their definitions of right and wrong that keeps a person small, but only for as long as the person allows themselves to be ordered around.

Some even say that we can’t trust ourselves but that’s why we’re here, to remember again who we are and trust that which we are.

This is the challenge for many, but once mastered, it brings you right back home to yourself.

While the average person is caught up in survival and trying to get from this moment to the next because they believe there’s something wrong with the Now, you are free from that because you have come to know that life lives you.

There’s a shift in orientation where you’re no longer directed from the outside, by other people’s “truths”.

You no longer act out of duty, but instead you act out of inclination, what feels right and true, for you, in every moment that unfolds, feeling (intuitively) the bigger vision and picture, no matter how the outside world looks.

And you no longer deny yourself the pleasures of life even if they are against a book or teaching that says you must not eat or drink this or that and that you should be celibate, and all the other rules and regulations that they have. 

Whatever it is, you’ve moved beyond all the gods.

No longer bound, you’ve become free to enjoy life, and your actions become natural, without anxiety and hesitation.

You follow the flow of your own life.

Flow is about knowing when to act and when not to act, and once you connect with the Truth within you, this becomes your norm.

You just know, and then you simply do what you’re inclined to do and let go of that which has served its purpose, never holding on to anything, being free as a bird.  

beyond all gods
No one is, or should be, the authority of your life except for yourself and your own inner truth. Always follow that which feels like the next natural thing to do, that which feels right and true from within you.


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