Two Keys To Lasting Happiness

Here’s two powerful things to apply into your life that guarantees lasting happiness.

Today I want to invite you to live by these “keys” and see what happens both within you, and in your immediate surroundings and personal life.

The world would look very different if all people did these two simple things.

It’s so simple, yet life-transforming if one asks oneself the question and moves through life in the way I describe below.

It gives us joy, it fills our hearts with love, and it blesses not only ourselves but everyone we come in contact with, whether they consciously know it or not, because we are all connected.

Become aware of how powerfully we affect every moment of our life by the way we conduct ourselves and how we choose to show up in life, and as you pay attention to how life-changing this is and your awareness increases it becomes obvious to continue living this way.

The first key is a question, and if we live by that question on a continuous basis we can’t but live a happier life.

The questions is:

Is this loving to me?”

Whatever you are about to do, whatever you say to yourself, whomever you’re with, whatever it is; in every single situation in life you can ask that question and let the answer guide you towards that which is loving to yourself.

What a powerful question!

Is this loving to me?”

Next key is to be a person of increase.

Can you imagine if we all did this, if we all lived by this – by being a person of increase?

What is a person of increase?

It’s about being a person who is more focused on giving than getting.

In every situation we have the opportunity to focus on how we can contribute, or give, and in every moment of life we can be a person who holds in our mind the intent to be a giver.

To be someone who adds something positive to another persons life or the environment they move and have their being in.

A person of increase is a person who thinks about how he/she can contribute and add great value to everything they do.

Everybody can be a person of increase

It doesn’t have to cost anything!

Praise more. Be an uplifter, someone who encourages others.

Whatever you do for work, intend to provide a bit more, to give that little extra to everything you do.

Really see other people, because the greatest gift we can give to somebody is our attention, our true presence of mind and heart.

Resist the urge to talk about yourself when someone shares a personal story. Just listen.

Give compliments. Smile to people.

Hold a door open for others and offer to help someone carry heavy grocery bags to their car.

Be the first to apologize and let go of the need to be right.

Leave any situation or area better than it was when you found it; clean up after yourself even if the previous people left it as a mess.

Let people know that you appreciate them. Give someone a hug.

Circulate energy; give away old stuff that you don’t need anymore.

Donate, circulate money, give of your time, share your gifts, share your love.

Share your presence with the world. That’s what it is about. Share yourself

This guarantees that your heart expands, because we are all here to serve and love one another and when we do that from a true place, where we give only if it’s loving to ourselves too (never give out of obligation or pressure), then it brings lasting happiness to our lives.

I hope this inspired you to be more of a person of increase not only today, but how about setting that intention for the new year?

To be a person of increase and a person who treats themselves with love by asking in every situation ”is this loving to me?” and then be true to the Truth within them.

Feliz Navidad, Nerja

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Nerja is full of beautiful decorations for the holiday season and new years eve

is something spectacular here I have heard – I’m looking forward to it! 🙂

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