Wishing you the most amazing new year 2019!

Happy New Year Wishes for 2019! (and more)

Time to wrap up the year and welcome in the new!

I hope 2018 has been a wonderful year for you and that 2019 will be ever better!

On December 31, before you go to any parties or whatever you choose to do on New Years Eve, I invite you to take some time to do a small but very powerful ‘ritual’.

It will help you begin the new year with your intentions clearly stated for yourself, and as you know, intentions are powerful, so make sure you make some.

Take some time alone and light a candle and have a pen and paper ready.

Breathe in deeply a few times and center yourself, and then write down everything that you are ready to leave in the past before you enter into the new year.

Clear yourself from anything that is holding you back in any way.

It can be negative emotions or behaviors, limiting beliefs, friendships or relationships that no longer vibe with you, letting go of old hurts and resentments, situations/places you’ve outgrown, regrets, fears and worries etc.

When you have done that then write something like this:

“I am releasing this, letting go of all this, making room for all the awesome energy that awaits me in 2019! I am ready to let the past be where it belongs; in the past! I’m ready for the new!”

When you’re done, put the paper in your pocket, bring it with you, and burn it on New Year Eve just before midnight, or whenever the time feels right for you.

Burn the paper and let go of everything you wrote on it. Let it leave your life with the fire.

This process doesn’t take long time at all and it’s very powerful as our intentions carry such power and can literally change our life in an instant.

Go into the new year feeling clear, empowered and with a sense of positive expectations!

I encourage you to really make these last 1-2 of days of 2018 to be a time of drawing the line to the past and to moving forward, boldly, into the new year of 2019.

Intend it be the year where you boldly follow your intuition and gut and consciously move beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone, where you stretch wider than ever before, where you take risks and toss any and all limiting behaviors and thought-patterns out of your life for good!

Without risks (taking chances) there are no rewards – so make a promise to yourself that 2019 will be the year where you trust more in yourself and the Universe, and in the Truth that Life actually has amazing things lined up for you.

The Universe has so much goodness to give you, and all is given when you align yourself with the flow of Life.

So do the ritual and let in the good!

I wish you the most amazing new year – Hope it will be the best year EVER and that your days be filled with joy, peace and happiness!

May you all be blessed with an awesome flow of success, fulfillment and many pleasant and unexpected windfalls and surprises from the Universe!

Cheers!! 😊




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