Happy New Year!


This new years eve is a very special one, not only is it a lunar eclipse (yea!) but also a Blue moon (that happens when there are two full moons in one month) AND the next time there will be a full moon on a new years eve will be in year 2028! To throw in the energies of the solar eclipse in the middle of January 2010 too (which can be felt before the actual eclipse), these times are transformational for sure.

On the December 31, before you go to party’s or whatever you chose to do, I invite you to take some time to do a small but very powerful “ritual”- it will help you begin the new year with your intentions going with the energy of the full moon, and change can happen more peacefully. Because change is happening– be sure of that.

Do this when you can be undisturbed and where you have peace. Light a candle and have a pen and paper ready. Just breath in deeply a few times, center, and then write down everything that you are ready to leave in the past so that you are clearing yourself from anything that is holding you back in any way. It can be negative emotions and behaviors, old, limiting beliefs, friendships you know has run its course, old hurts and resentments, situations you can’t stand any longer, regrets, fears and worries.

Throw/give away stuff you don’t use or need anymore, let go of attitudes of scarcity and hopelessness.. anything you can think of, write it down. On the top of the sheet; write: “I am releasing this, letting go of all this, to make room for all the awesome energy that awaits me! I am ready to let the past be where it belongs; in the past!”

When you are done– put the paper in your pocket, bring it with you, and burn it up on new year eve just when the moon is full. Burn the sheet up, and let go of everything you wrote on it. Let it leave your life with the fire.

This process doesn’t take long time at all, and it is very powerful. Our intentions carry such power and it literally can change your life.

Just be aware that emotions will run a little higher than normal for most of us because of this eclipse- it’s in the sign of Cancer and Cancer is known to be the most sensitive sign of them all, so be kind to each other! 🙂

Go into the new year with room for all the abundance and joy that awaits you!

Wishing you all a wonderful, AWESOME New Year!
Love and Blessings,

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