Have a Dialogue With Your Higher Self

I have a wonderful technique that will astound you, and if you haven’t already done this kind of communication with God, I promise you it will bring insights to you and things will become clearer for you if you just give it a try.

It may sound simple but only after you have experienced it for yourself you will know how powerful it is.

The results will surprise you.

Grab pen and paper – as always with me 🙂 you know me by now.

Quietness, breathing, centering yourself.

When you are ready, begin to ask God, or your higher self, questions.

Whatever feels good to you to call the all-knowing power that resides within us all.

Ask the questions like you would have asked an awakened Christ, Buddha or any other in the crew of enlightened beings.

Ask specific questions that you are wondering about yourself, life, any challenges you might have etc.

Examples of questions could be:

  • Why am I here?
  • Why did I chose this lifetime?
  • What is the great lesson that I might learn from this situation?
  • What is the most important thing I need to know about my life right now?
  • How else can I find fulfilling work?
  • What am I not seeing that could help me if I did see it?
  • How can I attract wonderful, loving friends into my life?
  • Is this path that I’m on really the right one for me?
  • Why do I feel so confused? (and how can I gain clarity?)
  • What can I do differently?
  • What is the one thing I can do right now that would propel me towards the manifestations of my dreams?

Etc etc etc – whatever is going on in your life right now; communicate it by writing down your questions and…. ANSWER them too…! Yes 🙂

Instead of writing down a bunch of questions, write the answers too right away, and just go with the flow of your own asking and answering.

This is a conversation with your higher self, God, which is You, and You know all the answers already.

If you don’t feel you can give an answer, pretend that you can, or just write whatever that comes up.

It might make sense to you afterwards.

The easiest way is to follow each question with an immediate answer and just get the flow going without stopping and judging or thinking too much of the answers that comes up.

What happens this way is that after a while a dialogue develops and suddenly you are having a real conversation with God! Sometimes you get questions back that makes you think and reexamine your question and so on.

Write and let the question flow naturally and you will be surprised at what comes up  – and then follow the advice and answers you got, fully trusting it.

The world will feel right again, you will feel within your heart that the path is clear again, even if you don’t know exactly where the answers you got will lead or how it relates to whatever it is that you’re in the middle of in your life.

That will become apparent later on as with all the ways of the universe if we just allow ourselves to trust it.

~If you feel good inside, and it feels right to you, then follow the guidance 🙂

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