Set An Intention For Your Healing Session

Stating an intention for a healing session is vitally important as healing could be seen as directed and focused energy.

An intention is the reason that you have for the healing session, your purpose, what you want to gain from it.

It’s an important part of the healing process and this is something I go through with you in person when we talk after you have decided to have a session with me.

I also use strong, clear and focused intention in my distant group healing sessions.

Each individual has their own way of stating the intention depending on what specifically they want to use the healing session for, but the theme is very narrowed down and focused in order to create clarity.

Below is a snippet of an example that can be used in the distant group healing session I’m conducting on November 29, 2016.

Intention Example For “Be Here Now” Healing Session:

“I now completely let go into the present moment, letting the healing energies flush away anything that holds me back from experiencing life in its purest form.

I’m willing to let go of fear, anxiety and worry about the past and future, on all levels of my being, both known and unknown.

I let go now, I surrender everything that obstructs clear seeing.

I let go of my ego minds constant commenting about everything and I let go of the drama it creates (and has created) in my life.

I let go of all the thoughts that comes up, both good and bad, realizing fully that nothing is actually happening but This.

Only this, right now. This moment right now is where Life really is.

I let myself go into the awareness of the pure beingness of Life…”

The intention can be short or long, it doesn’t matter as long as the purpose is clear

For example, the short version of my upcoming distant group healing session is the intention to “free your mind from excessive mind chatter and to be present in the here and now”.

In preparation for the healing session you do the “intention-work” beforehand (or use my words, as long as they resonate) and then when you get ready to receive the healing you just state the intention again by saying it out loud as you close your eyes.

At this point you simply speak from the heart, not by remembering words you’ve written or that I have written and it can be a few words and it can be a lot of words.

It doesn’t’ matter; sincerity and openness is what is most important.

You just open your heart to the experience and speak a few words that states your intention with the session and after you have done that you just relax and let yourself be taken over by the healing energies.

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Join in on “Release Your Mind – Be Here Now” distant group healing session on November 29th at 6 PM CET/9 AM PST/noon EST.

You can Be Here Now, always.

You can be in your body, in your surroundings.

It is possible to be present in your consciousness, unfettered by your minds attempts to pull you into any kind of drama.

This healing session will help pull you back into the present moment and get your mind centered in the here and now, where your life really is.

It will help increase your present moment awareness and release and free you from the constant, never-ending mind chatter.

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