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Critical Steps in the Hero’s Journey: STEP 2

“Two of the most critical steps in the Hero’s Journey STEP 1” can be read HERE.

The second aspect that I want to share about the Hero’s Journey is that there’s a critical point in it that can make your ego shriek in fear and run back to its safety (to the familiar, old life) if you’re not aware of how it operates in your life.

Lack of self-awareness is what stops the momentum of the process that would only take you higher in life.

Everybody experiences this.

Again, it makes no difference at all where you’re at in your life, it happens as a natural part of the process to everybody.

Sometimes change is easy and absolutely obvious and there’s zero resistance but in those instances you must be in a very bad or low place to begin with and see that there’s only one way to get out of the pit you’re in and that is by actually making the change, come hell or high-water.

I did that when I took the step to move to Spain.

I had no clue how I would be able to make it but when I saw an opening, I grabbed the opportunity and ran for it with all my heart and soul.

It just had to work out somehow, and it did.

No matter how dark or impossible things may seem, there’s always a way.

You have to be willing to bet on yourself and take a chance on something better even if you have no clue how you’re going to make it.

It’s not an easy thing to do and most people also wait until something happens that makes them have to change, and then it’s no longer because they want to but because they are forced to.

So why not just go with the flow of what is shown the moment it’s shown? Life becomes so much more enjoyable and magical when you do.

The principle of the process is the same for all of us;

We are all on the same journey and path to greater discoveries about ourselves and what we are capable of doing and achieving.

It’s just that most of us never go beyond what we ‘know’ as our reality (because the Unknown is scary).

In reality there’s an infinite numbers of ‘levels’ and ‘realities’ that are all there for us to discover and experience if we want to.

But to get back to the step;

There comes a critical moment in the Hero’s Journey where everything is at stake, and it can be an intense experience to say the least.

At a certain point in your Hero’s Journey you come to a point where you experience a huge failure, challenge or test, one that makes you question absolutely everything.

It might be a crisis of faith, or you encounter a huge challenge that you just can’t see yourself ever overcoming, or you’re flooded with doubt and anxiety as you’re seemingly failing Big Time at something so the ego freaks out and does everything it can to make you go back to the old life.

The ego becomes scared shitless about the looming change (as it means the death to the old) so it doesn’t want to go through with it and does everything to try to stop it so it creates massive turmoil in your life.

You might lose faith and turn your back on the path you said Yes to and that you’ve put your heart and soul into and now you feel like you’ve lost the battle and are just about to throw in the towel and give up.

This is a point in the Hero’s Journey where most people stop or quit, just before they’re about to have a big breakthrough.

That’s when the ego has taken over and that’s also when the game is over and they are back in their old life, full of resentment, disappointment and eventually also regret.

It’s important to know that the Big Failure/Test/Challenge is the final step in the Hero’s Journey.

The Hero’s Journey begins with resistance and refusal (to the call to change), and it ends with a huge internal battle or crisis where everything you’ve accomplished on your journey so far is literally at stake.

The journey in between those points is of course what it’s all about in the end, and the two steps I’ve shared may sound obvious to you but the reality is that most people never start (step 1), and for those who do start, they unfortunately never finish (step 2).

So it’s important to be aware of how the journey unfolds and what can happen so that you can push through and see the challenges for what they are.

They are simply part of the process, so keep going and continue believing until you’re on the other side of it.

And when you’re on the other side of it you will see things much clearer.

Then you’ll see that you’ve been through a huge transformational process that has lead you to become a different person with a new level of growth and wisdom that you could only have acquired through the journey itself.

It’s like a metamorphosis where you’ve become a new you, a more refined version of you, a more evolved you.

So remember; you’ve been groomed for This Moment and what is to come and it’s so important to know this.

What this last step calls for is once again your Yes.

You have to say Yes to the final birthing pains, and once you do that, once you undergo the metamorphosis (which can be intense and where you’re put under a massive amount of pressure) and you make it through to the other side, that’s where the ultimate reward of the journey is received.

This is the Big Test, and once on the other side of this final step, you’re fully born into the new you, and you have gained new knowledge, insights and gifts that you can now share with others and the world.

This then becomes your new “ordinary life”, and you’ll then plateau here for a while, until the next calling comes upon you to embark on an even higher and greater new adventure and journey.

And so life continues to unfold! Always taking you higher and higher.

Are you experiencing any of these two critical steps in your life right now?

Is there something that you’re being called to do, an intuitive nudge or knowing that you have in your heart and mind that keeps coming up over and over again?

Become aware of your resistance to it, how you’re refusing to listen to it and taking action on it and then with the new awareness make a new choice where you say Yes to yourself (the Greater Self) instead of your ego.

Or are you experiencing a huge challenge right now, crisis, or a ‘failure’ of some kind that makes you question and doubt everything?

Then know that it’s part of the process and that this is a very important and critical time that calls for your resilience and unwavering belief.

It will be helpful for you to take a step back from the immediate challenge or crisis and ask yourself questions that helps bring you back to seeing things from the right perspective again:

Remember your initial intention. What was your core intention to begin with?

Why did you embark on the journey in the first place? Why did you say Yes to it?

Get your mind and heart back in alignment with your original intention and connect with it again.

The real you is not the one who’s freaking out so don’t panic or fall into despair because this is a very important step and nothing is in reality going ‘wrong’.

It’s actually all going just as it should and it’s all going in the right direction even if it seems or feels like it’s not.

When you get yourself back to your initial “why”, you’ll be able to push through this step.

Remember your purpose, mission, vision, and your love! Remember the purpose and the meaning behind it, the synchronicities, signs, guidance, the ALIVENESS,

.. The wisdom, insights and everything else that your Hero’s Journey has brought you so far!

Nothing has been in vain, it has all played an important role and served the greater good somehow even if you can’t see it now.

You will see it later though, as you once again say Yes to yourself and whatever the calling was that took you on the path that you’re currently on.

You can do this.

Wherever you are in the Hero’s Journey, whether it’s the first step in the process or the last step, say YES to it and continue to say Yes, always.

You’ll be glad you didn’t turn away but that you stood your ground and that you were true to yourself and moved forward despite of fear and doubt.

Feel the Truth of this in your heart as you read this and dare to take the step and I promise you that you will be massively rewarded for it.

I promise you that you will be so glad you took the step! 😊 Look at it as if your life literally depended on it.

See it as a question of living versus existing and choose to go with the flow of Truth.

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“Just before you break through the sound barrier, the cockpit shakes the most.” – Chuck Yeager

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