Hero's journey - Important steps

Two of the most critical steps in the Hero’s Journey (STEP 1)

Life is an evolutionary process, a journey towards greater and greater discoveries about our true nature and potential.

We can always look back and see our internal growth and how things (and we ourselves) has evolved.

Sometimes we can even look back and cringe at how we used to be and think! Not in a judgmental way but you know what I mean. 😊

We all have our own preferences in life and different levels of curiosity and I just personally happen to LOVE progress and growth but it’s not everybody’s cup of tea and that’s fine.

What is true for all of us though, is that the potential for growth is always there.

But if a person does not allow themselves to grow (when Life calls for it), they come to experience some kind of stagnation and stuckness in their life.

The reason for this is always the refusal to growth, which in essence means resistance to change.

Most people desperately want change, they sincerely want their lives to be different or better, but they don’t want to change, because change takes them outside of what is comfortable for the ego, so they remain stuck and stagnated.

When there is not enough self-awareness to see this the person will remain the same (and so will their life).

But for all of us, no matter where we’re at in our own evolutionary journey, each and every one of us is always called to some kind of change because change is unavoidable in life.

We are all called towards something greater as life evolves and unfolds, and for all of us there comes a point when we hesitate and feel fear and doubt.

The moment of refusal and resistance to change is real but it’s also a natural part of the Hero’s Journey.

When this is understood, when you’re aware of it, the changes becomes easier and after a few times you’ll start to recognize it as a step of a very important process in life that always promotes growth and evolution.

Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey” is something I’ve written and talked about before and the process goes something like this:

You, the Hero, start out as an ordinary person, living your life, doing all the things you always do, when suddenly there’s a call to action.

A call to do something different, something that takes you out of the ordinariness.

And this ordinary life doesn’t mean “average”, but Your ordinary life, depending on where you’re at in your individual and unique life.

You can be massively successful, or you can perceive yourself to be the biggest loser there is; both examples are simply expressions of Your life as it is for you at this time in your life.

That’s what makes it ordinary. (Or “familiar”).

So, step one in the Hero’s Journey is the Call to some kind of (new) action (or “adventure”).

Your part in this step is to say Yes to it, and by saying Yes to it, you’re opening the door to your ‘new life’.

This leads you on a new path (towards improvement and growth) in life where you encounter both challenges, tests and successes.

If you don’t say Yes to the call, you will stay in your old life and witter away in its ordinariness (which leads to boredom and lack of progress and the stifling of growth and evolution).

  • Yes to the call = Gives more life to your life.
  • No to the call = Life is held back in its potential and you stagnate and become frustrated (which can lead to depression and a feeling of meaninglessness and hopelessness etc.)

When you answer the call however, you’ll embark on a new journey that will equip you with new insights and you will discover unique and special powers and gifts that you have and you’ll gain a greater understanding that you can only acquire by saying Yes to Life.

This growth will then lead you to greater and greater levels of fulfillment and purpose and help you become increasingly more happy and successful, and also become a greater resource to the world as you always gain something internally (such as wisdom and understanding) that you can then give and share with others.

And each level becomes the new “ordinary life”, and then the Hero’s Journey begins again, and the cycle continues all your life.

This is how life flows, it’s always and continuously evolving and expanding.

There’s two distinct steps to this process which I want to share in this article that is absolutely vital to know and understand.

First, the call to action (the calling to do something new and out of the ordinary), which you must say Yes to.

This can be really difficult but it can also be really exciting at the same time.

A few examples of the call to action (or newness) could be:

  • Life calls you to quit your job and become self-employed or start a new business.
  • You realize your marriage is over and that you need to end it.
  • Suddenly you’re intuitively drawn to move to another country.
  • You feel the urgency of changing the way you live somehow.

You’re called to move away from or beyond the boundaries of your “ordinary life”; which simply put is ‘your life as you know it’.

Something is calling you that you know will alter the course of your life and possibly change it forever.

This is the first step in the Hero’s Journey and also one of the most difficult ones.

Many people are too scared to make this shift so they rather stay in an unhealthy relationship or a job that they have outgrown.

Or they suppress or postpone their dreams and desires for a “better time” later (which in reality never comes).

They talk more about how and why they can’t do something than even slightly entertain the thought that maybe they actually can, that somehow they could, if they really wanted to.

To talk yourself out of a new path is the same as denying yourself a happier life.

The idea or thought (=calling) came to you in the right time and for the right reasons but most of us are experts in rationalizing ourselves out of the magic and miracles of Life.

In reality we can experience them all the time, but because most people are afraid of what the new might look like they reject the inner calling that is wanting to be birthed and come alive.

This is the refusal-part of the Hero’s Journey.

It’s too scary to say Yes so they say No to it, which only leads to even more unfulfillment, frustration and dissatisfaction.

Saying Yes to it leads to greater happiness, maybe not at first (as change is not always easy and comfortable), but definitely always later.

Saying Yes to Life is you saying yes to the Greater Self that is within you which always wants you to be happy, while saying No to it is the same as saying yes to your ego and its fears and limitations.

It’s a choice we’re all constantly making, consciously or unconsciously.

Life is the result of the choices we make, but most of us run on programs that has been planted into our minds by other people and society so they are mostly unconscious.

Once you take charge of your own decision-making (and you reclaim your mind) and say Yes to yourself and what is calling you, the people and resources you need will show up for you to show you the next steps.

The “help” comes when you’ve made the choice, that’s when the Universe can meet you and start co-creating with you in the natural flow of Life.

  • Saying Yes to something new and out of the ordinary is what opens the door to the new life or journey.
  • Saying No to that which is calling you keeps the doors shut and then you wonder why nothing new or exciting ever happens in your life.

So ask yourself these questions:

What are you refusing in your life; what change are you resisting?

What has been calling you that you are stubbornly saying No to?

What are you postponing?

Where are you procrastinating?

Become aware of how you’re holding yourself back and in the same place in life. And then go against the same old same old and see what happens!

A new and different choice will promote growth and evolution and will get you moving forwards in life towards greater levels of living and fulfillment.

The second critical step in the Hero’s Journey is this:


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