Honor Your High Energy Days

It’s important to not only honor our low energy days but also our high energy days.

It’s the same thing here (as here); if we don’t, we just spiral further down into frustration.

Life is precious – don’t waste your time

When you know how your creative cycle goes, your life will get so much more productive and enjoyable.

I love my low energy days just as much as I love my high energy days. I love having my Maria-days and I also love being super-productive and inspired.

Both phases are equally important to me and right now I’m in a very inspired phase where I’m working morning to night almost nonstop.

And I love it! I love it so much that I have to force myself to bed some nights because I just want to go on working but obviously my body needs sleep, so.. 😀 

Use your high energy days to the fullest

We all have them, we just need to get in touch with the natural flow of our life in order to enjoy them.

Your time is valuable and it’s good to be reminded of the fact that we can never reclaim the time we have used so essentially everything is an investment.

How are you investing yours?

Are you consciously investing your time, or are you wasting it?

To live a meaningful and fulfilling life; get in touch with your natural flow and let go fully into it.

It will then show you when to relax and when to create and be productive.

Focus on your priorities

When you’re in a work-mode (as I call my productive phases), protect that phase and don’t waste the time when you’re most productive.

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted. Value your time and learn to say no if someone asks you out for a coffee for example.

Better to book in a meeting the next day or so for those types of things because here’s how it goes:

If you don’t use your high energy phase you’ll waste it, simple as that. It won’t come back.

There will come a high energy phase again obviously but then you’ll be in the same spot as you were before because you didn’t make full use of it the first time around. 

Nothing wrong with that of course but I personally love progress and growth so I’m always going with my flow and I see the results too.

There’s nothing left undone when I enter my low energy days, I’ve always finished up just in time.

I’m in alignment with my flow 🙂

When I relax I really relax, and when I work I’m super productive and focused, and I love it!

There is an appropriate time for everything

We all have a natural rhythm that moves between days of high energy and productivity and days when we need to slow down and let things be and unfold without any effort on our part.

So just as it is important to not force yourself into doing when you’re suppose to take it easy, it’s also important to take massive action once you’re in the productive phase.

We always know when it’s time to chill and when it’s time to take action when we trust our natural flow but when we’re out of sync with it it just leads to frustration.

Then the cycle gets all messed up and we’re struggling and forcing our way to do do do and wasting our time on TV and other mindless things when we’re suppose to take action.

This is true for most people. 

Most people are completely oblivious of the natural flow of things simply because of the lack of awareness that is necessary in order to live a fulfilling life.

The cycle always repeats itself and some phases are longer than others but the more in tune you are, the more you will be able to sense when the different phases are starting as well as coming to an end.

Can you feel where you are right now? And are you taking full advantage of it?  

There is a proper time for everything.
Feel into the natural rhythm of your life and make the best use of it. Relax when it’s time to relax and take action when it’s time to be productive.


Life can truly be amazing and magical 🙂

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