Everything, and everyone that we have in our life, we have created for ourselves.

We are responsible for that which we have attracted into our lives, and when we can forgive ourselves for that which we have projected into being, we are set free.

I first heard of this healing method when I visited Hawaii a few years ago, and I started to look into it, and I saw a lot of similarity with this forgiveness process with “a course in miracles”, and it’s a very easy process.

It’s basically about stop feeling victimized in life and take responsibility for whatever it is that is causing us stress, because even if it feels out of question that we ourselves have manifested an unwanted situation/feeling in our life, we are indeed the one who created it.

And when we can accept that responsibility and send healing-power to that person/situation we don’t feel comfortable with, we are healing ourselves.

Because we need to fix ourselves first in order to heal the world. Or better said; remember who we really are; we are already whole and perfect, we just need to remember it.

The seemingly negativity we are experiencing is not in the other person or in an situation, it is within ourselves. We can do everything right again with the help of Ho’oponopono.

“A course in miracles” also reminds us of this, that there can be nothing but God, and all else are false illusions that we have created by ego.

Ho’oponopono is a very simple, yet very powerful releasing technique, a powerful tool for healing.

Everyone can do it, and it’s very easy to learn. Try it on anything you might feel is a bit “off” in your life and see healing occur:-)

There are 4 steps in Ho’oponopono:

Repeat this “mantra” over and over again to yourself with feelings of forgiveness and love:

(I love you)
1. I’m sorry.
2. Please forgive me.
3. Thank you.
4. I love you.

These steps reminds you of the importance of loving yourself, recognizing the illusion you have created by projecting the “negative” thing in the world, which is all You, and the power of forgiving yourself for doing that, and for gratitude of your inner being making it right again, and the feeling of gratitude for the forgiveness that is now taking place.

Say “I love you” over and over again, feel the love you have for yourself, and continue cleaning and cleansing yourself through the power of forgiveness 🙂

Make it right again by correcting that within yourself that created the situation in the first place; your ego.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! The power of love in healing is absolute and glorious. Wonderfully insightful post, as always.

    I love you!

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