How Are You Thinking Today?

In 2012 I was asked to participate in a book that’s called “It’s The Thought That Counts” by Chantal Beaupre, along with 24 other leading experts in personal development, and here’s my contribution to it!

“How are you thinking today?”

Who do you choose to be? A lot of people go around and make excuses for themselves and never grow out of the rut that they have placed themselves in by saying things like, “This is just the way I am,” “I have always been like this,” “It’s who I am,” and so forth… but I disagree.

It is what and who you CHOOSE to be, in THIS moment. And we can always change that.

So instead of asking you. “How you are feeling today?,” I’ll ask you, “How are you thinking today?”

You choose the thoughts you have and your feelings are the guides that will—provided you listen—point you in the right direction. Rather than suppressing or denying negative emotions, look at them in a different way.

They are telling you when something is off and when something is right.

So, choice is always available in every situation, and the way you behave in the world illuminates what you really think of yourself. If you are doing drugs or abuse yourself in other ways—like, for example, staying in an abusive relationship—I know for sure that you are not paying any attention to your emotions that are there to help you make the right choices for yourself.

So, how are you thinking today?

When you think of your dreams and goals, how are you thinking about them? Honestly.

Do you think that they are not really attainable because that is not who you are, that you don’t really have what it takes because that’s just not for somebody like you? Do you really believe in your own greatness, or is it only a nice concept?

Or, do you feel excited and powerful, thinking that you will know when it is your turn to do something in the process of manifestation, just by turning your attention to the way you feel in every given moment and really trust the messages your feelings give you?

That when something feels right to do, you do it immediately… or when something feels negative, you go and have a drink instead of paying attention?

The shift in perspective and attentiveness is what makes the difference.

Not physical strength, not intellectuality, nor having a lot of money or friends who can help you. It’s all in your mind, in the way you think about yourself and life.

What if you didn’t take your thoughts that seriously just for today, just to see how ridiculous they actually are most of the time?

What if you—just for today, instead of believing every thought—just decide to observe them and not get involved in them as much as usual?

You would then be able to see very clearly how you actually think, and even laugh about them. It really is an eye opener, because most people are not even aware of the kind of thoughts they have.

They just believe them to be true and never question them.

And what if you did? Question them I mean. Ask yourself if your thoughts are true, how you know they are true, and who told you that.

There are invisible rules and regulations in the world that mediocre people / the masses live by—unconsciously, most of the time—that say that becoming a millionaire, or even a billionaire, by doing what one loves is impossible, and that it’s only for a few lucky ones in the world.

They are never even questioning themselves why they can’t be one of them.

Who taught them that they are not the ones? And is it really true?

To not follow one’s dreams and do something grand with our passions, saying things like, “I cannot be a photographer/dancer/writer (you name it) and make good money from it because it’s a tough business” is tough only for the people who think it is tough! For some, it’s an easy business.

Why can’t it be that way for you? Because of your perspective.

Shift it and things begin to change.

When you do something you absolutely love, when it feels like breathing to you, your passion will drive you forward—no matter what.

No matter if the world tells you to stop that nonsense and jump into the water instead and drown like everybody else. When you are driven by your passion, you can’t let yourself be governed by the outer confusion, but wholly by your inner realization—but you have to be the one who activates the power within you and you do so with your thoughts.

By only being WILLING to consider that there might be another way of living life. Your willingness is enough.

The power of your intention to challenge your way of thinking will open up your mind to higher levels of existing.

Set your new intentions with focus on Love and other people, and you’re on the path to success!

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  1. Chantal Beaupre

    Hi Maria,

    Once again, words can never convey how much I appreciate your contribution and participation to the “It’s The Thought That Counts!” eBook. A million thanks for accepting to play with me!

    In happiness and joy,

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