How Do I Avoid Being Swept Away By The Excitement Of The Mind?

Q: How would I go about squelching ego (rampant escalation) right after my mind frees itself from learned knowledge and taps into “universal knowledge”? How do I avoid being swept up with excitement to the point of polluting the here and now (that sense of oneness) with various “delusions” of fear, anxiety, and false pride.

M: Sometimes the mind (ego) gets excited after a revelation of some sorts. When an insight dawns on us, or inspiration strikes suddenly and we get a big aha-moment, the mind comes in in the moment we start to evaluate and comment on what just happened and the ego thinks it happened to it, and thus takes ownership of the experience and that’s when pride can come in, thinking something special happened. The experience can feel very special to the mind, but in reality there’s nothing special that happened but our true nature coming forth.

So the tapping into “universal knowledge” is ultimately not something extraordinary but actually our natural state of being. Only the mind evaluates it and makes conclusions of it being something special and thus it gets carried away with it.

Because “universal knowledge” never can be understood by the mind, it will make it into something special.

No need to ‘squelch the ego’, or try to get rid of it. That actually only strengthens it. Simply acknowledge the experience of sudden insights to be how life is actually meant to be and become aware of how the mind kicks in a short moment after the revelation with it’s comments and opinions. That’s all you need to do basically; become aware of the mind and how it does it’s little things.

It’s an opinionated commenting-machine, that’s all.

True wisdom is, as you already have seen, beyond mind, so when we have realized that, the minds ways are less and less important because we clearly see its delusional views and perspectives.

Q: In other words, as my mind clears through meditation and realizations, it quickly “spins out of control” with ego-contaminated thoughts.

This happens when I get excited by the being able to see through the once painful blockages (as illusions – constructs) and being blessed by healing and a knowing that my logical mind would have no way of knowing.

M: Yes, the ego gets threatened by true seeing, so it’s to be expected actually, that the mind will resist and try to hook you by thoughts and your emotional responses to them, often times they are connected to something that has to do with fear, fear of loosing something, or fear of not getting. That can include wisdom even. Fear of not getting it, or fear of loosing it if you don’t understand it intellectually. The mind is fine with conceptual thinking, it’s enough for it to gather as much knowledge as possible, but when true seeing is experienced, that’s too much for the mind and it will not let you go there without a fight and resistance.

Awareness is always the key, so to look closely at how the mind works and does what it does is liberating. We simply can’t take it seriously anymore once we clearly see how it operates.

Self inquiry is great for this. Asking questions like “Who is this happening to?”, “Who is it that wants to understand?”, “Who is it that gets excited?”, “What was there before the excitement?”, and so on. Asking with the heart, not with the mind.

Q: I’ve got a sense that I need to relax and know that this knowledge (blessings) are always available to no need to try and act on or store them in memory… So far I haven’t had any luck. Foolish pride creeps in with wisdom.

M: You’re right, it’s always in the relaxed state that we are open to wisdom, only memory is stored in the mind, as memory is of the mind (future and past). Once we have wisdom of something; it’s there, we don’t need to consciously remember it. Whenever its’ needed, it will be there without our trying to get it back so to speak. Insights are forever transformational and non-reversible.

Q: This is where I want to stay, in a relaxed natural state of mind where I can better and more spontaneously communicate as we’ll as help others in a pleasing way.

A feeling of being natural and relaxed sounds simple to some maybe.

M: Staying in the Now is all we need to concern ourselves with, and to let go of the need to understand how the true nature of our being operates because it’s far more intelligent than any of us can comprehend with out thinking minds.

Becoming aware of the present moment by being attentive to how relaxed we are right now is all we need to pay attention to. “Am I being relaxed right now?”.

Not “How can I be relaxed tomorrow at the meeting”, or “I wonder if they could see that I wasn’t relaxed yesterday at the dinner party?”, but Now, and always now. All the other thoughts are about past and future and they are not even real.

Get back to the now. And it can always be done only in the now, so Now is a great starting point;

“Am I relaxed now, am I attentive to my intuitive knowing right now? What does it say? What does my intuition tell me right now?”

And then listen to it.

Also, if you are not able to be relaxed and receptive to your intuitive knowing (that is beyond mind and knowledge), then let yourself be in that place for now with an accepting and curious attitude rather than “Gaaah! Why can’t I just relax, how hard can it be”-response to ‘what is’.

That’s one of the tricks of the mind, it will try to hook you by commenting on your “performance” of being relaxed or not relaxed and when we see this, it becomes almost hilarious. If you can laugh at your mind with a humorous approach, it will help free you from it’s bondage.

In these moments, take a deep breath and say within yourself “I am”, and nothing more and see what happens. “I am”. Breath out.

There is no effort involved in simply being. And being is already relaxed by its nature.

I am


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