How God Speaks To Us

We are usually very good at voicing our concerns to God, or speaking to him, but many times we forget how important it is to listen to him, to really pay attention to how he communicates back to us, or with us, and many times people can go and wait for God to reveal the next step to them, or if they have prayed for something, to receive the answers they seek, but they miss the whole show because they don’t take time to actually listen.

So today I was inspired to write about that yet again because it’s one of the most vital keys in having a relationship with anyone.

Who in their right mind would want to hang out with a babbling idiot who never takes the time to shut up and listen to what you have to say?

And who on top of that only comes to you when they have problems or some other personal concern that they want to share (vent) with you?

 I believe it’s the same thing with God – we really need to learn how to zip it and be still so that we can hear what he has to say to us. 

You all know how I always emphasis the importance of spending time alone with God, in nature, in stillness and silence and so on, but I want to again mention how important that is. 

Overall humanity today are bombarded with noise and busyness and entertainment and so on, so it’s even more important to really develop a close relationship with God – to really listen to what he has to say.

So after prayer; take time to listen.

In meditation; take time to listen.

Walking in nature in silence where there’s only you, God, and the sounds of nature; taking time to really listen to the still small voice within.

Take time to listen to God. 

With that said; here’s a few other ways that God speaks to us that doesn’t require us to be still, but it requires us to pay attention, because he’s speaking to us all the time.

All the time. 

Often what happens after we have prayed or asked God to help us with something, God begins to lead us by directing our thoughts towards something he wants us to pay attention to; a subject that he wants us to learn more about, or he leads you into thinking in a certain direction, you begin to notice how you’re leaning towards a specific path or topic or something that will enable you to move forward in life.

It’s like he’s saying ”hey, take a look at this, you need to know more about this, pay attention to this” and so on, and this is usually accompanied with a sense of “rightness”, it feels right to do and there’s peace about it.

You might even get very distinct instruction from God; very direct guidance, especially if it’s something that you really need to pay attention to; it can be about taking action on something, to do something, or go somewhere that sometimes makes no sense to the logical mind.

This is when we have to go with it – we have to follow the promptings immediately, and the more we do this the more confident we become in hearing his voice and that then leads to more and more accurate actions on our part as God continues to guide us everyday.

It requires faith to do this, faith and a willingness to listen and to trust what comes our way, so to learn how to receive guidance is key.

So often people pray and then rush back into their everyday life and they never take time to actually sit down and listen to God, or they are too involved in their surface life that they don’t pay attention to all the things that are happening in their life that God has arranged as a response to their prayer. 

All the synchronicities that happens, how he speaks to us through other people, .. all these things are wonderful ways in which he speaks to us.

Have you ever noticed that he sometimes says or shows things over and over again, the same kind of things comes up, maybe even the exact same sentences comes up several times in one day, have you noticed that lately in your own life?

Well, that’s a sign from God!

That’s God speaking – he wants you to pay attention, that’s why he keeps saying it over and over again.

Have you ever thanked him for that?

Because the more you thank him for the guidance you get (and act on it), the more you will begin to pay attention to it and the more clear the guidance get.

It’s like with any other relationship; the more two-way communication and praise (love, thanksgiving, appreciation) there is, the better the relationship. 

Many times God speaks to us through other people; suddenly someone says something completely out of the blue that is the answer that we have been seeking.

God causes things to happen in the world around us through synchronicity where he brings people together, weird coincidences and so on. Pay attention to them. 

And when you recognize all these kinds of events and you begin to act on them without hesitation, that’s when your trust in God begins to grow and you begin to pay even more attention to things that occur around you that you might not have payed much attention to before.

Other people have no clue that God is using them to speak to you, and sometimes God even speaks to us through T-shirts other people are are wearing and that just ‘happen’ to catch out attention. 

I think that’s awesome, don’t you? 🙂

I love it when I receive answers and clear guidance from God in all the different ways in which he speaks to me, I love it when I get a strong sense and knowing that the things are said just for me, that it is for my ears and eyes only.

God speak to us through music too, through the lyrics where you know that the words are just for you, or when you turn on the TV there’s someone saying exactly what you needed to hear, or you receive a message in another way, through billboards or whatever, that you know is for you.

You know it, you feel it so strongly that sometimes there goosebumps and even tears of joy because of how God speaks to you and guides you through life and your everyday situations.

Other times we receive our answers right then and there, in the midst of our prayer or meditation time, in the form of mental images or ‘scripts’ where he shows you how to handle certain situations, or how to deal with people or circumstances in the best way.

Other times he speaks to us through our dreams, or via visions that comes to us.

We need to pay more attention to all this because many times God will give us the means and resources to change something – and he will be there to help us through – but there is is an action part that we are to play as well, God is not usually going to do it all by himself. 

He guides and directs us and we obey – we follow the promptings of the heart, the signs, the next steps that are shown to us, we do this or go there as God directs us to do, and then from doing that, that’s when the situations in our lives begin to change and shift and become easier, better and more enjoyable.

This is why I always encourage people to ask for wisdom and understanding more than anything else, because that’s where the power is.

That’s where our solutions and answers come from, from our growth and from the expansion of our consciousness.

So we can ask God to show us, to enlighten us, about certain situations, and reveal to us a new way of seeing things from a higher perspective and so on, because what we really need is the wisdom to be able to make the right choices in our life.

We need wisdom to be able to make the right choices in life, but even if we don’t always manage to make the right choices we should never be afraid of making mistakes, because again; they provide wisdom as well.

But it’s easier to just ask for wisdom from the get-go instead of having to experience something that might be unpleasant in order to gain wisdom, wouldn’t you agree? 

We can even ask him to make it obvious to us right away if we have jumped into the wrong conclusion, but do take risks, don’t be afraid of making mistakes when you follow God’s lead. 

God’s guidance always brings peace, that’s how he speaks, and he arranges things, orchestrates things – just for you – so pay attention today!

He speaks to us always; there are no coincidences, but sometimes we see them from an immature viewpoint if we have not taken the time to build a close relationship with him, which (again) means that we have to take time to listen; we have to spend quality time with him.

Just like we would with any other important relationship, and particularly this one is one we should not neglect in any kind of way. 

Other ways he speaks to us:

Books, holy scriptures, TV programs, radio, seminars, sermons, etc etc – and you’ll know it when you hear and see it; it’s for you, you just know it because he speaks directly to your heart.

Sometimes he speaks to us in an actual audible voice, but most of the time he speaks to us through our intuitionour gut feeling, and we need to respond the moment he speaks to us and not doubt that what we heard was indeed from him.

God speaks to us through our inner peace, and we should trust that no matter how the ego sometimes fight it.

Today I invite you to really pay attention to what comes your way, and I also encourage you to spend some quality time with him by being quiet.

Sometimes it’s enough to just say to God “Okay God, I’m ready to listen” and then just sit there and let him speak to you freely, without you interrupting him with your concerns and goals and plans or whatever it is that you want him to know about.

He already knows about them.

You have already told him about them many times and he heard you the first time.

Now it’s time for you to listen and receive the answers that you seek. 

I'm ready to listen, God


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  1. Owen

    Hi Maria,

    I wanted to say how much I appreciate your recent posts, you’ve helped me out tremendously through a somewhat turbulent time, psychologically and spiritually, but, it’s all good now.

    One thing, I definitely have learned and now understand is that everyone’s journey is personal, as mine is very personal to me.

    I was seriously struggling with my ego, my sanity and this tiny glimpse of the unknown that was shown to me. I definitely wanted someone to cling to but instead, I turned to no one other than your website, meditation, nature and the sound of peaceful music to help and get me through the storm. (It was a storm but nobody knew it but me.)

    My trust in God-within, wasn’t shaken by my sabotaging ego or the by the egos of other people, this go around.

    So, thank you Maria, for your beautiful spiritual food. Please accept my live offering as I love tithing to you because it feels more like a “heart exchange” if you will.

    I’ve never experienced this kind of giving before but it feels really right, it resonates with me in a way that’s liberating.

    It’s just different, a very personal kind of giving, I know you’re the “real deal.”

    Anyway, I hope others will liberate themselves too in whatever way they see fit. Thank you for continually being a blessing to my life and in the lives of others.

  2. Thank you Owen, both for the tithe and for your kind words. I feel truly honored and blessed, so Thank You ♥

    I’m also a tither and I already know who my ten percent will go to from the tithe you sent me 🙂

    It is a special way of giving, I completely agree with you on that. It’s full of love and gratitude (and joy), so I want you to know that I will circulate the money with the same Spirit as it was given in ♥

    And I’m so glad to hear that my articles have been helpful to you, it means a lot to me to hear and know that, so thank you for sharing that with me.


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