How Inner Wisdom Speaks (Ego vs Spirit Voice)

How to know it’s Spirit speaking and not your ego voice?

Inner wisdom and intuition speaks quietly and softly.

It’s loving and positive and there’s a feeling of light about it and it will repeat itself until you listen to it.

Inner guidance often comes with a feeling of “rightness” and it never encourages anything that would harm you or others.

The ego voice on the other hand takes you here and there in your mind and creates more confusion the more you listen to it.

Intuition can speak urgently too but it’s always very clear and direct; it simply tells you to do something but it leaves out the explanations and justifications.

The ego voice is the one you argue with and that leaves you feeling unsure and doubtful.

It’s the doubt that prevents us from taking action on the intuitive nudges but once we stop reasoning with our ego our intuition literally explodes.

Once you go with your intuition, it will change your life!

But many people ignore the stirring in their gut.

They ignore the messages and signs and then when something ‘bad’ happens, they can look back and realize that they had chosen not to listen.

Trust Yourself

When we listen and act there’s flow, but when we don’t, ‘bad’ things happen and we feel stagnated in life.

We can choose to listen immediately and thus prevent stuff from happening to us that are undesirable.

Next time something feels off, listen to the message, and act accordingly and immediately.

Refrain from discussing and arguing about it with your ego voice.

This goes for either way of course;

Sometimes your intuition wants to protect you from harm by telling you to stay away from someone/thing, but sometimes it also tells you to go ahead and do something new and different that would enhance your life.

And if your ego (fear) is strong it will put procrastination into your heart, it will make you get into inner argumentation about how you ‘can’t do it’ because of this and that reason.

In other words; you will come up with excuses for not going ahead and that choice then leads to stagnation and stuckness in your life. 

Procrastination and doubt is fear, it’s nothing but avoidance, yet your intuition will keep giving you signals, lovingly and persistently until you choose to listen to it.

Obsessive thinking is not from Spirit, but a sense of ‘rightness’ is, even if it seems illogical, and that rightness feeling can be a nagging feeling, so there’s a distinction here that you need to become aware of.

The nagging feeling that points to some kind of action on your part is what you should listen to, not the overthinking ego mind that only leads you to procrastination and doubt. 

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  1. Sharon

    Thank you for this short article! I just found your website the other day and I’ve been basically eating up your articles in my spare time I love all of them! Your writing is so genuine, powerful and insightful; I have been feeling stuck the past couple of weeks and I feel like I stumbled upon your website at the perfect time. I’ve liked and related strongly to all of your writings that I’ve read so far – even though this one was brief it was definitely helpful for one of the big things I’ve been noticing (distinguishing my ego from my inner wisdom) I’m excited to read more of your articles and to keep learning, thank you so much!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment Sharon ♥

    I’m so glad to hear that what I share speak to your heart and that you find my articles helpful.

    Please let me know if there’s any specific topics/subject that you’re looking for and maybe I can help dig them out my archives for you.

    At least I might be able to find one and then that one can lead to more of the same 🙂

    Here’s one that came to mind just now that I think you might like:

    “How To Listen To Your Intuition (How to sense the difference between intuition and the voice of ego)”:

    And of course, if you have any questions at all, let me know.

    Thank you again for letting me know that you appreciate my writings. It’s much appreciated! 🙂

  3. Hello again Sharon,

    I noticed that I gave you the wrong link in my comment.

    It has now been corrected and you should be able to access the right article.

    Hope you find it helpful 🙂

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