How to manifest your dreams

How long will it take to manifest what I want?

“When will my desires manifest?”

“For me it is very hard to trust things are getting better when I have put a LOT of work and money in to growth and all I am experiencing lately is heavy depression, lack of everything, and my health seems to be getting worse even though I am putting a lot of time and money into it.. So how do I trust something that seems to be against me all the time?????????”

My reply:

Before you’re established in a new state of consciousness the ebb and flow in regards to what you put out and what comes in can be experienced as frustrating.

The most important thing to remember is to keep trusting no matter what.

You might be going through the last stages of a transformational process, which is when the old level of consciousness clashes with the new so there’s friction. 

This friction can cause (momentary) depression, feelings of hopelessness and so on and it usually comes just before a manifestation or a breakthrough. 

Once you get through this rough phase, you’ve reached a new level of consciousness (and you will feel great again and even better than before). 

But for as long as you allow yourself to wallow in it by making yourself a victim of circumstances, you’ll stay in the lower (old) level of consciousness. 

So what I would suggest to you is to stop trying and struggling and instead take a few hours off of everything and go out for a long walk in nature and really get back to yourself again. 

It will do you good even if your ego might resists it and think that it won’t help. It will.

You need to get back in alignment again so I suggest you simply let go of everything you’re struggling with and go and sit under a tree. Seriously. It will do you good. Sit there and cry if you want to but do it.

Here’s an article that can be helpful to you:

Detach from your goals and desires.

Take a step back and reassess your situation and circumstances from a higher point of view. 

Sit there and speak from your heart to the higher power that is within you, and bring your journal as well and write it all out. 

I speak from my own direct experiences.

You don’t have to struggle and suffer as I did, that’s why I’m sharing all this. There’s an easier way to live but I didn’t know it at the time I went through my challenges. 

There was a time in my life when I too felt frustrated, depressed and when everything seemed dark and I wondered if it would ever get any better.

I used to sit on the couch and cry and feel as if I was constantly being held back by some dark force that for some sick reason liked seeing me suffer and being miserable.

Yet I kept giving and doing what I felt guided to do, and this is very important. 

Keep giving and doing what you’re guided to do no matter what. 

The money will come but it will come when you don’t ‘need’ it anymore, so how fast you can get to that place within yourself is what it depends on.

Here’s an article that I wrote many years ago when I lived in Norway as a response to some of the many people I was giving away coaching for free to.

They all had more than me (materially) and they actually had jobs too and an income when I was struggling and living on welfare:

Facing Challenges.

I remember some of them were telling me that “oh, it’s easy for you to trust, you have money”, while the reality was that I was totally broke!

They just assumed that I had tons of money because I was positive-minded and had an optimistic view on life. 

What I had was something more valuable than money and that was trust (and belief in myself and my path), I had trust, and I just kept plowing through the difficult times, that was what the difference between us was.

I didn’t wallow in self-pity. 

Well, I did at times, for short periods of time (and there were plenty of those times) when my ego had its temper tantrums and fits.

Just like your ego is having now.

Here’s a few other articles that I wrote almost ten years ago that I think will be helpful to you:

Spiritual Waiting Room

Spiritual Growing Pain

Feeling caught between a rock and a hard place

Ah, and here’s another old post that came to mind:

Are You Really Committed To Your Calling?

Here’s what many people don’t know (although I think I have shared it in some of my older articles).

That time when I moved to Spain, I had nothing. No income to live on, and I also didn’t know anyone in Spain. 

It was just me, my laptop, two suitcases and my cat. And off we went. 

I took the leap and had only a little bit of money so that I could survive for a few months, so it was definitely a ‘make it or break it’ kind of thing for me. 

And then things just unfolded from there (which I have also shared here on my blog from what happened at that time in my life). 

I don’t know your situation, but my point is that to get over the slump you’re in, you have to keep plowing through it.

You have to stay committed to your calling and you have to keep giving and doing even if there’s no money in sight (yet!).

And you have to stay in a state of gratitude.

Look at what you have and be grateful for it, and work with what you’ve got. 

Another article comes to mind: 

Attitude of Gratitude. 

This post too I wrote during a time when I was in really difficult times financially, really difficult.

There were literally days when I had potatoes and mayo for dinner. 

So if you have food on the table, a roof over your head, and internet connection, which I didn’t have; I had to walk for an hour back and forth every time to the library to post blog articles, then count your blessings.

I had to walk all the way there in blistering 40 degrees heat with my clunky old laptop because I couldn’t afford buying a coffee at the nearest bar where they had WiFi.

But can you tell that from the article I wrote? No, you can’t, because I kept moving forward and I stayed in a place of gratitude no matter how things looked. 

Yes, there were times when I cried, a lot, but you just keep moving forward, you don’t stay in the feeling of defeat, hopelessness and frustration.

You have to keep moving forward and see to it that you’re aligned with Life.

When you’re not aligned, that’s when you suffer. 

Here’s a post from a time when I was homeless and was doing house and pet sitting so that I could have a bed to sleep in and food on the table: 

Challenging But Also The Most Blessed Times.

And here’s another post from that time:

How To Have More Magical Moments In Your Life.

I mean I have tons of stories to tell! 😊 But that should give you an idea of what I’m trying to say. 

I hope these articles will help you change your perspective and refocus back on why you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place.

It will help you get recommitted and aligned again so that you can move forward from a place of trust. 

About money and experiencing lack;

First I want to say that if you experience lack or restriction in your life it might be because those are the things you need to work on in yourself.

Most of us are programmed to believe all kinds of false things about money and/or we’re brought up with people around us that had scarcity mindsets that influenced/affected us negatively. 

I had to do some subconscious cleaning-up to get rid of some blockages myself, and maybe that’s something you have to do as well (I can help you with that). 

But I don’t know you or your situation or beliefs or anything when it comes to money. 

So moving on from that,

This is helpful to know for you and everyone reading this:

The thing is that for as long as there’s a neediness in you, money won’t be able to come to you. 

But when you don’t “need” money (when the neediness is gone), then it comes to you faster, easier, and quicker than you ever thought possible.

It’s the attachment to outcomes that makes us suffer.

When you try to figure out how and when things will happen you actually keep yourself from manifesting the things you say you want. I might share more specifically about this another time, but that’s the short answer.

We are in complete charge of the actions we take and the efforts we make, and you’re also in complete control of your attitude and perspective, but the outcomes and results are not in our hands.

When you let go of the need to control when and how things will come to you, they come to you easier. 

But when you try to control the results of your work and ‘when’ the rewards of your hard work will find its way to you, you’re gonna struggle. 

We are part of a larger unfolding, there’s an energy and intelligence behind life, and we’re not in charge of the How and When of things. 

So whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish, keep doing your part, and let go of the rest. 

There’s a lot of things that comes into play regarding when things will manifest, whatever it is for you personally.

Things like your self-awareness and willingness to look at yourself honestly, your ability to hear and take action on your intuition, and so many other factors are involved.

Where you’re at in your evolutionary process too as well. 

A person can’t just suddenly manifest a million dollars for example just because they visualize it every day (and take action towards it).

You have to actually first BECOME wealthy in your mind and begingness, and that’s when manifestations start to happen as well as guidance (and synchronicity) that lead you towards greater and greater wealth. 

When you’re really committed to a goal or a path, you will do the inner work because there’s no way you can have what you want until you have done that.

If you keep living vibrationally in past instead of being what you want Here and Now you won’t have the persistence to steer yourself away from the doom and gloom that you’re senses and ego is telling you is real.

You can literally change the way you perceive your life right now and in this instant things would start to shift for you.

Improvement of how you experience life is really just one shift away at all times.

When you have unconditional love for life and where you can be happy independently of the things you want, that’s when the things will find you.

So I would suggest you work on those things, like your energy vibration (which is the language the Universe speaks), your beliefs and so on.

And work on your trust.

Trust the unfolding of your life. 

In the quiet phases when nothing seems to move or happen, things are actually happening in the background of your life, and when you trust the unseen and decide to hang out in the Unknown for a while, things will begin to emerge. 

When you try to control on the other hand, or feel victimized, things move veeeery slowly (the struggle is blocking the flow).

So I would suggest you develop your trust in the process of the Universe and also do what you can to raise your energy to a higher frequency and vibration.

Let go of the dark energies by shifting your perspective, knowing that what happens in your life right now is part of something bigger and it’s always there to help you evolve and grow beyond where you are at the moment. 

Do your best to focus on what works in your life, what is good in your life and love your life unconditionally. 

This will shift things for you. 

And do it even if your ego resists (which it probably will as it likes to have you being depressed and all gloom and doom). 

See at as the ego having a fit, a temper tantrum because it doesn’t get what it wants when it wants it. 

You’ll get ‘what you want’ when your beingness (energy) and consciousness changes. 

To change, it requires that you become greater (internally) than what is currently happening in your life.

When you understand how this works, you become a powerful manifestor and things will flow to you easily, and from there on you’ll just continue to thrive.

And you do it without any stress, struggle or suffering. All that is GONE and not part of your life experience anymore.

As I mentioned before, had I known back then when I was suffering and struggling what I know today I would have progressed much faster than I did.

That’s why I’m sharing all this with you today and why I’m so passionate about what I teach.

When you change, your experience of life changes too, and with it all circumstances too.

But what most people do is that they try to desperately change their external reality (by pushing and struggling), completely unaware of the fact that nothing can change on the outside until there’s been an internal shift. 

Everything in your life changes for the better when you shift your energy and consciousness and when you stay in alignment with the flow of Life

Lastly, here’s a couple of posts that will help you feel relief and inner peace. (Relief and inner peace is always an indication that you’re back in the flow of Life):

Powerful Surrender Prayer

Trust the Timing of the Universe

Hope this was helpful to you. 


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