How to detect limiting beliefs

I wanted to share with you some insights on how to detect limiting beliefs; and that is to first and foremost start to really question all your assumptions and opinions you have about life in all it’s different areas; money, love, friendship, work etc etc, and then question your answers. And then question those answers as well again. Dig real deep.

“Who told me this is true? And how is it certain? Could it be different? Are there people in the world that can think the opposite? How does that feel to me? Could that be true..?” and so on.

If something resonates with your inner being and brings you peace, then that is what is YOUR truth – and your truth is the opinions you hold about life= your beliefs. Limiting or not.

What do you think about … well, ‘things’ in life? About life itself? What you answer are your beliefs.

Our intuition knows what is true, and one can’t read themselves to develop intuition, or trust in the inner voice, it has to be cultivated with an inner awareness and willingness to learn with the heart rather than the mind.

Your inner self will tell you what is limiting you and what is not.

So every opinion you hold, every thought you think repetitively about something (habitual thought patterns), concepts you ‘believe’ in, are all beliefs whether they support you or not.

You know by the way they feel to you. If something doesn’t feel good, then ask yourself where you might be out of alignment with your self.

Wherever there’s a ‘but..’ there’s a belief. Ask yourself if you have a sound reason to have the beliefs you have. Oftentimes many of our strongest convictions doesn’t even have any foundation. We just habitually think ‘that’s the way it is’.

If we go deep enough with our own questions, we will start to see more clearly where we are holding ourselves back, and thus we can begin to change what we think about things too.

It’s very interesting when we start to question ourselves and dig even deeper when it begins to feel uncomfortable. That’s only ego kickin’ in not liking that we are about to change perception about something.

Do it anyway – soon enough you will find the humor in it when you realize that things might not be as true as you first thought.

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