How To Find Clarity and Peace

Sometimes I get emails from people asking me for advice and occasionally I get inspired to write a post instead of replying directly to that person if it’s a topic that could help others as well if shared.

A few days ago someone wrote me:

“Hi Maria, Can you please tell me what you do for clarity and spirituality in your life. I meditate, say mantra’s as well as talk to my spirit guides and ancestors to help me with my day to day struggles and worries. I am looking for that peace that I can not seem to find.”

My reply to what I do for spirituality in my life is easy to answer; I include it in everything I do, say and think, I’m consumed by it, I breath it, and I love it. It’s the (one of them) purpose of my life basically. It’s like breathing to me.

What I do for clarity in my life. That would be to always ask questions, welcome doubt and feelings of not knowing.

I think we might be a bit too obsessive about always having to know everything. I think it’s about having the feeling of being in control, which is the egos demand. The soul is not hung up on that, it’s more free, so the more we can accept the fact that we don’t know and don’t need to know it all, the more clarity we gain. Paradoxically enough.

To have clarity could also mean being clear-minded, and the cure to being unclear would be to get exercise, both for the body and for the mind. To learn something new every day, to get fresh input and be open to new aha-moments (don’t you just love those?:-)

Clarity could also mean to know your values in life and stay true to them.

To be authentic creates clarity as well. When being authentic we don’t waste energy on trying to be like somebody else, we don’t have the need of hiding who we are, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and therefor also teachable.

People can see who you are, and they can relate to your sincerity, because deep down all of us wants to have the courage to just be who we are.

Staying true to our feelings create clarity too. It’s when we try to hide them from others, or suppress them because we believe that we always need to be “happy so that we can manufest what we want” or some other crippling beliefs.

Even the “best law of attraction teacher” has his/her ‘bad days’, we all do.

Being authentic and true to our feelings is not the same as having to tell everybody about everything. It means to have the guts to just be and feel whatever you feel, knowing that it will all pass and transform the sooner we accept it all fully.

Next this person mentions “meditate, say mantra’s as well as talk to my spirit guides and ancestors”

To meditation I say: Yes, Yes and Oh, YES! That is ALWAYS how you find peace, no doubt about that. Just continue practicing that.

Saying mantras; I have done that too in my past (or, I said a lot of affirmations that I repeated over and over again) and at that particular time in my life it seemed to work wonders for me, so continue with that if it feels enjoyable and not mechanical. The words we say has no meaning if we don’t feel them in our heart.

Talking to Spirit Guides; also: I mean, if you enjoy it and you get something out of it, do continue.

I personally do that in periods, although I do know they are with me at all times regardless of my desire to communicate with them.

We all have periods when we don’t feel like doing things, whatever they may be, and I think we should honor ourselves and do whatever feels right at the moment.

The most important thing in my opinion is to stop – if just for a little while – doing things like saying affirmations, talking to spirit guides or whatever – and just sit in complete silence to connect with SELF.

Nothing else but yourself.

No angelic music in the background, no guided meditations, no mind-feeding activities or sense enhancing burning incense to accompany your times of meditation; simply pure quality time with your self. No distractions whatsoever.

That will definitely bring peace into your life.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and if so, please consider sharing it with your friends and followers.

Thank you:-)


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