How To Handle Resistance From The World When You Want To Grow And Become More Your True Self: PART 1/7

Here follows a series of posts that I have divided into seven parts due to it’s length. I will post one post each day for seven days in a row.

It is a chapter from my book Energy Awareness – How To Use Energy To Change Your Life.

This is a subject that interests a lot of people – especially now that there’s a huge transformation going on in the world and we are growing into our spirituality (true self) more and more.

At times of our evolution there can be times when the energy vibration between people, even loved ones, shifts so dramatically that it becomes very hard to understand how to deal with all the changes that is going on. This series can help not only those who are growing more rapidly than others and feeling resistance from others, but also for those who has a loved one that is suddenly changing and becoming “more spiritual” if you will – this series can help you understand them better, and see where they are coming from.

This first post is quite long; but the others will be more ‘normal’ length 🙂

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One thing you will most certainly encounter when you have made the decision to live a spiritually conscious life is resistance from others, sometimes even your very best friends.

This has been one of the toughest learning experiences I struggled with, and because of that I think it’s really important to share what kind of challenges you might come up against on your journey of self-realization. I do want to assure you that you will grow from it and you will not be left alone for long.

At first it might feel like a very lonely road and your world might seem to fall apart completely. But it’s not, it’s in the process of rebuilding itself, and the new world will emerge from within. When you embark on the spiritual path, the inner journey, the world outside you is also changing, and that may mean you will have to leave some people behind. You might think you have made the wrong decision and fear that you will be alone for the rest of your life, thinking that no one will ever “get” you.

Then you begin to feel the world is really weird, you become very aware of your own thoughts, and you cannot understand how people can continue living in the illusion that most call life.

You are beginning to live your life from a different perspective, and there is no way back. You just have to go through it, because the old way of living is no longer an option for you though you might not yet see the next step to take.

You just know it’s something so good you can feel the promise of a good life within your soul.

You will have come to a point in your development where you let go of the need to be with someone; you begin to feel a presence in your life that makes you feel anything but alone. You might seem to be alone to others, but you don’t feel lonely.

You begin to be very in tune with who you are, and the need to feel understood or even liked disappears.

When you get there you enter a state of natural surrendering, an effortless process, and by then you will begin to attract people into your life who are in alignment with your vibration.

When you don’t need others anymore, they will come. Effortlessly, and to your greatest joy!

I’m sharing this information not to be negative or put other people down, but to share with you what has been a challenge in my own life and how to overcome it. We are influenced by other people, and frankly most people aren’t taking much responsibility regarding what kind of energy they bring to relationships and encounters with other people.

When you begin to understand the process of creating, and when you begin to really love yourself, some people will protest and they will want to keep you as you have always been.

You will probably hear that you are being selfish and egoistic.

Realize that they are actually the ones being selfish because they want you to stay as they want you to be so you can please them. They unconsciously think that you should make them, not yourself, happy!

People do not fear you when you are powerless, but when you show them the great and powerful being that you are, that we all are, that scares them and they will try to pull you down.

They find it inconvenient, and sometimes also confusing and uncomfortable, that you are changing. But that is not your problem.

You have to decide what kind of person you want to be, and then be it. If people around you aren’t willing to journey with you to the next level, let them go.

Remember the quote by Albert Einstein:

“Great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

Others can choose to see you in the new light that you are becoming, or they can choose to try to drag you down by calling you naive and saying you should “face reality.” Some might be very angry, and aggressively defend their limiting beliefs.

They might even act indulgent with you, almost like an understanding, concerned parent, and you can even feel that in the hugs they give you; there’s an underlying understanding that they will be there for you when you ‘grow up’ and see the world “as it really is.”

With an invisible pat on the head they will give you a sense of being looked down upon; although they mean well they will let you know by their vibration that they will be there for you when your world crashes—for in their mind it will, even if they don’t say it out loud.

In their mind life is no picnic. They see life as difficult, and occasionally, if they are lucky, there will also be some happiness, but it’s not something that one can choose or decide to experience; it’s not up to us, they believe.

I have even heard people say that when I get older I will “get over it,” that I will “grow up” some day and see that life is not a joyous experience! The sad part is that they really believe it. They really believe life is a struggle.

And for them it is. What you believe to be true becomes your reality.

They don’t know they are imprisoning themselves and also teaching their children the same fears that they have carried around since they first learned them twenty, thirty, or forty years ago.

At times when I have tried to encourage people to go after their dream rather than to continue doing things they don’t like, even hate, they aggressively defend their limiting beliefs with “some of us have responsibilities you know. You can’t just go and do what you like when you have kids.”

And that scares me; it’s an awful thing to say I think, especially in front of your children.

Living that way not only do you teach your kids that dreams are only meant to be dreams and stay that way, but you also unconsciously give them a sense of guilt, because if it weren’t for them, you would probably have been living your dream.

Children haven’t yet lost their sense of who they are the way most adults have, and by becoming bitter when you argue for your limitations, your child will most definitely feel that something is off path.

Nevertheless, what often happens is that they look up to you, they believe what you say, and they begin to do what you do. They stop listening to their inner voice that is trying to guide them to live the life of their dreams, to live the best life. They start believing: life is supposed to be a struggle, forget about the dreams, this is real life and it’s not a picnic.

We are really all role-models for each other, especially for the young ones. It’s a responsibility we all need to take seriously.

You will start noticing that when unconscious people speak about reality, it is always in a negative way. They will tell you that what feels good isn’t, and where there is struggling and suffering, there’s probably virtue somewhere in it. In a twisted way it becomes noble to be poor and spiritual.

It really annoys some people that you have chosen to do something you actually like to do and at the same time receive a lot of money for it. In their world, it’s wrong to make money by doing something enjoyable. Money should come from hard work, and everything else is wrong. That’s how life is, they say.

See to it that you don’t get caught in the web of negativity and, if you must, protect yourself and your energy by withdrawing from such people until you have integrated the new, positive beliefs so that you can stand strong in the midst of any negativity and have absolute inner knowing of your new thoughts about life, with the same strong conviction that they have about their beliefs. You will be untouchable, and good things will flow to you.

Then some will want to know your “secret,” and you can tell them.

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” ~Mark Twain

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow! 🙂

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