How To handle Resistance From The World When You Want To Grow And Become More Your True Self: PART 4/7

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That’s so awesome about the universal law of attraction: when you start to really express who you are, even when people around you don’t agree with or even like what you have to say; when you really let yourself shine as the person and Spirit that you are, you can absolutely be sure that the universe will, in perfect divine timing, send you your matches, the ones who resonate with your vibration.

Some people in your life will stay while others will fall away naturally, and some you can keep at arm’s length. The ones who stay are the ones who are optimistic, supportive, inspiring, with whom you can be totally open. You will know by how they react to you being you with no holds barred.

Remember: the law of attraction is that like attracts like; so hold nothing back and reveal to the world the real you even if it might be uncomfortable for some people in your life!

Let your inner being come forth; love and respect yourself, and set some standards and boundaries for what kind of energy you let into your life.

Don’t start to explain or try to change others if you feel they are not on your energy level. And don’t be offended by others’ opinions about you.

What others say is not really about you at all. Just leave the conversation, and know that you will attract the right audience. Believe it.

Some people will stay mediocre and others will want to grow and become more. Everything is energy, and we are responsible for the energy we project. When we meet someone we are creating an energy exchange, and if the people you interact with don’t take responsibility for the energy they bring, walk the other way.

When you allow others to play you small, you are actually ignoring your own greatness.

Honor yourself and your feelings, pay close attention when strong emotions are involved in whatever you are doing and whoever you are with at the moment. Listen and trust that you will be guided to make the right decisions for yourself. If something feels bad, it is. If something feels good, it is.

The concept is really very simple, and it is personal and individual, meaning that something that makes you feel bad can make others feel good, so there is no point in asking others what to do, where to go, or what to say.

You know all that. All you have to do is go within. All the answers are there to find.

Only you know what feels good to you. Never, ever allow your picture/vision to be blurred by negativity or doubt.

Don’t tell people if you think they would try to pull you down. Let it stay between you and God.

I suggest that you keep your dreams, plans, and goals to yourself until you feel confident enough to share them with others Then even if they say your dreams are just dreams that probably never can come true because they are so grand, that you could never do this or that, you will stand in strong conviction, knowing that what others think cannot bring you down in any way, ever.

You could be asked to explain and defend yourself if you tell people whom you feel won’t understand your point of view. Just leave it.

YOU know—that’s most important.

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Life has a magical way of clicking into place once you get in alignment with it.

Once you’re freed from the past and blockages are released and dissolved, a sense of renewal and liberation comes over you and you’re able to move forward in life with a new sense of aliveness and inner joy, peace and confidence.

You have been an amazing addition to my life!

Thank you for all of the wonderful light, and love that you send out into the world. You are indeed an inspiration even though we are half way across the world – isn’t that wonderful! It is a privilege that is not taken lightly. Thank you Maria! 

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