How To Improve The Length Of Stillness

A question from one of my readers:

Hi Maria, Thanks a lot for your email. I liked it very much.

I am a Buddhist monk here enjoying a free life without any bonds whatsoever and I have already realized the great taste of divine freedom with stillness and most of the day I allow the mind to stop naturally and enjoy emptiness.

For this I found it is much helpful in maintaining my awareness by simply watching bodily feelings when I am doing any kind of work during the day.

I need to improve the length of my stillness.

Please write me something on this.

How To Increase Stillness

  • When in moments of stillness and peacefulness, contemplate the truth that we don’t have it. We are it. Feel into that; “I am this stillness, we are one”.
  • Do not grasp for it as if you’re trying to add something to yourself.
  • Before mind gets in, enjoy the beauty, but when mind do gets in (as it will), let it. Don’t condemn it, or yourself, for having let disturbance in. It’s in the pushing away it gets stronger. Just let it be.
  •  Contemplate not having awareness, but being it.
  •  Let go of efforting. We can’t create stillness. It already is, and it’s waiting on us to lean into it. Not by effort, but by allowance.

Stillness when in movement/doing some kind of everyday chores and when interacting with others is also possible;

  • Before speaking, pause.
  • When doing something, be there fully for the task without thinking about the next task beforehand.

We overlook this enormous source of pure Love, which we are part of.

We think that there’s us, and there’s nature. As if we are separate. No, we are it.

Let go of the assumption or expectation that stillness is some extraordinary experience. Instead remember that it is our natural state, so it feels natural.

It really is about beingness and not ‘doing stillness’.

Nature and animals has a harmonizing quality that stills the mind that I think we could appreciate and enjoy more.

Hug your pet 🙂 Look at a bird, or an ant. I mean, I’m only thinking about it now and I’m all choked up; there’s such wisdom there I’m in awe.

You can also do the obvious that we often overlook; simply ask “what is stillness?”, what is true about my existence, what is my true nature? and pay attention to how it reveals itself to you.

Other things you can do – if you feel inclined to it – is to follow your breath, say a mantra or a short prayer, something that helps center you.

But let that go too eventually, don’t make any means or ‘help’ to stillness become a crutch.

Allow thoughts and feelings come up, because they will, just don’t indulge in them nor deny them. Let them flow by like clouds in the sky.

Notice the stillness, that’s how it “grows”. Simply notice it. Right now even. It’s present right now.

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This picture was from my walk today – I love nature, and I often go for long walks.

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