How To Pray For Solutions and Answers

I’m always amazed of how powerful it is to go into the silence and ask for and receive answers to any questions I have, and I’m equally amazed of how many people don’t do this on a regular basis, for everything in life, not just our ‘problems’ and challenges.

The process I’m going to share with you is one that I really recommend so make the effort to really go through with this and see what it can do for you in your life.

I’m using the word effort because there is effort involved to get the mind completely stilled, especially if you’re new to meditation.

The mind wants to think about a million different things at the same time and sometimes it takes time to get into the stillness and really dwell there.

If you have never done this before, then I want you to know that you will absolutely know when you’re ‘there’, you will feel it in your whole being.

First of all, your body becomes very relaxed and it feels like it’s almost floating, and your thoughts become still, it feels like it’s ‘inside’ of a greater mind, if that makes sense.

You’re aware, not sleepy, but attentive and relaxed at the same time, and there’s a ‘click’ almost when you come into this deeper state of mind.

You ‘break’ into it almost, and there’s a clear distinguish between being relaxed and the state of prayer.

I can even tell myself that ‘okay, now I’m one with the God-mind’, and then you have to be there for a little while before you have really sank into the prayer and meditation mode and established your awareness there.

I want to call it a prayer this time, because you can go into it with a definite purpose, or you can go into it with the intent to really listen to the voice of God.

So give it time – don’t give up just because the ego mind gets restless or because your body seem to want to be scratched here and there.

A great thing to do is to decide in your mind that you will for example give it an hour (or even two), and then resolve to sit there with the determination to really get this, because I know it will be a tremendous help in your life if you do.

Here are the steps:

Step 1:

Sit or lie down and relax your body and mind and if you’re prone to fall asleep during meditation then it’s better to sit up.

Begin to tell your body to relax.

You can for example go through your body-parts in your mind, relaxing them one by one.

“Face relax, arms, legs, relaxed” etc.

While you do this there might be a lot of thoughts going on in your mind at the same time, and when that happens, say to yourself “peace, be still”, or “be still”, or something similar, and brush away any thoughts that comes up.

Don’t get entangled in them, just let them be while telling yourself to relax and be still.

There should be no force or strain involved at all.

This can take some time, but don’t give up, don’t let your thoughts disturb you, but don’t resist them either. Just release and let go of them as they try to get your attention.

Breathing can help as well to get yourself into a relaxed state of mind and you can say something like “God is” when you breathe in and “I am” when you breathe out, or whatever words feels right, but the focus should be on entering into the silence of the God-mind within you.

You are basically leaving your everyday awareness in order to emerge with the great power and wisdom within you.

Saying words silently within yourself can help you do this, words like “I am one with God” or “I am Spirit” etc.

After a while you will begin to feel receptive and open, spacious, and your body begins to feel like it’s floating, or you might not feel it at all, it’s like it’s not there.

And when you’re relaxed like this, now is the perfect time for the next step.

Step 2:

Now when your mind had become relaxed as well (and you feel that you’re dwelling in the stillness) you can begin to communicate with God, asking question etc silently within yourself.

Or you can simply say “(I’m here now) I’m listening God, speak to me”, or you can say “Thy will be done. Tell me what is mine to do” etc.

It’s good to be specific and not ramble on and on about stuff, your problems and so on, just be open and receptive to guidance, solutions and answers, knowing that the God within you already knows the reason for your prayer.

Now it’s just a matter of receiving, so really listen and you will hear what you need to hear.

Have your entire focus on God and what God has to say. (Be like a ‘little child’).

You will at this point be very much intuitively guided on even what to ask and say within yourself.

Step 3:

Stay aligned with God in this prayer mode for as long as it’s necessary, and by that I mean you stay in a receptive state of mind, in stillness now (no inner talk) to receive the word of God.

It’s like being an empty cup that God can fill up with whatever it is that you need.

Sometimes there are images coming to you, or a feeling of knowingness, or a deep insight, inspiration, or a clear answer to your question or dilemma, and however it comes to you you will absolutely know it, you will feel it in your whole being.

There has been times when God has shown me things that I can’t but laugh about (God has humor, I must say:) because it’s a symbolic language sometimes and only I know what different things mean because they are specific for me, and then I just know.

Other times the solutions has been so incredibly obvious but I have not seen them up until I went into deep prayer and then I was able to see it and that’s always a huge aha-moment and don’t we all just love those moments? 🙂

It’s in the silence that God speaks Truth to us and exactly the Truth that we need to hear and know, and sometimes it makes no sense what we are guided to do and this is important to know, so don’t question it because the logical mind doesn’t have access to infinite wisdom, so we don’t always know why but we just do what God tells us to do, trustingly.

Remember, the God-mind within you already knows everything and there’s no reason to be talking endlessly about your problems to God.

Instead be receptive to the solutions because it’s usually only by our ignorance of our true nature that we have the ‘problems’ in the first place.

We have to let God help, to let God be God and do its perfect work in us and in our lives.

There’s always a sense of harmony, well-being and peace when we have received or heard the voice of God, and there’s a direct inner knowing and there are no limits to how we receive what we need to know.

It can be song, an image, a feeling, words, anything basically, so be open and receptive for any kind of communication from God.

And when we have received what we need, there’s a feeling of gratitude and this is actually the last step.

Step 4:

You will at this point feel that you have received exactly what you need and this brings feelings of aha, and insights and so on and also happiness and thankfulness, and amazement as well, so always end your prayer with a big Thank You God (and ‘Amen’ if that resonates with you).

This will be obvious to you because you will feel gratitude naturally when you have received direct guidance from God, and so you will feel happy in your heart.

To include one more step I want to add that it’s very important that you take action immediately if there was something specific you were guided to do.

Don’t wait, but go with the momentum right away, this way you honor your inner guidance and God.

Now, go do this right now if you feel the need for help with something – you will be amazed of the clear guidance you get!


Know that God has the answers you seek.

Meet God in the silence and receive what you need.


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