How To Respond To Negativity In The World From The Perspective of Spirit

First of all, let me make it clear that by saying ‘negativity’, I don’t mean that in a judgmental way, as I can’t (or you) know the cause or purpose to anything and thus we can’t say if it’s “good” or “bad”.

It may not even be the case that there’s a purpose to anything, we don’t know, we can only make up stories around events that has their base in our conditioning, which is very very limiting and has nothing to do with truth.

Sometimes I get emails from people asking me to help them change others, or they ask me to pray that their spouse or boss or whatever becomes more like they want them to be, but I don’t engage in those things at all, it’s completely foreign to me to try to change others, or “make them get something/understand me” etc, nor am I ever going to pray that someone ‘comes around’ to fit into other peoples wishes for them however ‘justified’ they might think their request is.

If you value freedom – as we all do, it’s human to wanting to be free – all living things wants to be free, but to ask of others to change for you is to imprison them, and yourself.

People sometimes writes me and tell me that they have cried for many years because their boyfriend won’t change or their mom won’t understand them or this or that and my reply is always the same; let them be as they are and tend to your own inner self!

If someone shows you how they are, let them be that way, and if you somehow don’t like the way they are, if you can’t accept them; walk the other way, simple as that. Don’t try to change them.

Most importantly, let yourself be the way you are, be true to your own values, and do whatever you feel needs to be done from the base of your own standards without judging others to have the wrong ones.

No one is ever going to succumb wholly to your wishes, maybe for a short while but it will never last if it’s not coming from their own being and willingness – I mean; would you become someone else just to please others..?

I didn’t think so.

(Although in many ways that’s what’s happening on an unconscious level for many, but that’s another article).

But that wasn’t really the topic I wanted to address today.

I want to talk about how to respond to the cruelty, or ‘negativity’, in the world from the perspective of spirit.

What we see and experience (take in with our senses) are always clouded by our conditioned mind until we learn how to look at things without having a story about them.

Acting and responding from a place of fear or upset doesn’t help anybody.

React from conditioned mind, or from the pure heart that has only compassion; compassion is Love and it has nothing to do with our ideas or opinions of how things ‘should’ be.

Love gets clouded by fear; that’s really all there is to it, and the awareness of that within ourselves is the key to look beyond the veil that keeps us seemingly separated.

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Whatever we take in, whether it be seeing greed, hate, starvation, or whatever it may be that we perceive as negative is only upsetting because of what the mind does with it, how it interpret it and then makes itself to either a finger-pointing blame-person, or some kind of arrogant ‘savior’ of humanity.

That doesn’t create unity at all! (If the urge to help comes from ego it only creates division and not unity).

It creates a space where there’s you and then there’s the horrific situation, me against something, me against the world, or me wanting to be heroic and be the savior of it, me knowing more than others, me being wiser than, better than and so on.

Understand me right here; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to help others, but where the help comes from is crucially important!

To resist something, an event – even if it’s the worst of the worst possible scenarios – will never help anyone as much as seeing things and acting from a place of peace, and not agitation.

I get this a lot as I mentioned before; people asking me how to get others see what they see, how to get people realize they are deluded, how to make them see reality and so on, and all those questions and requests are based in ego.

If you want to see change, BE it. You be it, not you trying to make others be something they clearly are not ready or even open and willing to be or become.

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Then, if and when others are interested, they will ask you about it, not before, and absolutely not if you try to impose something on them (=your beliefs and opinions of what is right and wrong).

Have you noticed that with yourself, that when someone tries to throw their fundamental beliefs on you, isn’t that just repelling?

A reaction to what is that comes from Spirit is a contribution to the world that actually is helpful.

Can you let an event be what it is, without your mind creating a story around it? Can you look at what is – purely as it is?

The moment the mind comes in with all it’s opinions and ideas, justifications and what not, is when we start responding from fear instead of Love.

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From a place of no stories Spirit can move undistorted by the minds interpretations, and with that comes peace, naturally. Never by resistance or fighting against what is, instead we are connecting with the event as it is in reality.

Where you respond from is your contribution to the situation. Simple as that.

Do you chose to respond from anger and upset, or peace and compassion? Your action can be an expression of anger or anxiety or it can be an act of compassion.

Or are you moaning and bitching about events and news on TV but never even thinking of actually leaving the couch to do something.. If you feel it’s unbearable, asking why someone is not doing anything, that might actually be the call from Spirit calling You to be that person. Have you thought about that?

What do you think is more helpful and contributes most to the whole?

No one (in their right mind) likes to see suffering, starvation, animal abuse, poverty and other things, no one. That we can agree on.

But we can all chose how to react to what we see and experience, however tragic it may be.

Resting in Peace and coming from that space is not passive or meant to be a place to hide in – as in “oh, I’m peaceful so nothing can touch me” – that’s the spiritualized ego talking!

Peace is not passive, nor is is inactive. It’s very, very powerful.

It’s pure and true, and more powerful than any agitated state of mind can ever be.

From a place of peace we can very well be called to some kind of action or engage in whatever it may be that we see, and if you feel drawn to some kind of action, fine, do that. If not, then don’t.

No choice is more right than the other.

Not all of us is called to become vegetarians for example just because we see animals being abused by the people in the meat industry, not everyone of us is being called to go to Africa to save children just because we have seen starvation and poverty, not everyone of us is called to help drug-addicts to become free of their addiction just because we once were an drug addict and so on.

It’s where we move and act from that counts.

It’s a sincere response to the pull of the spirit within that doesn’t judge or justify anything or any event to be more neither less than what it simply IS.

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Why do bad things happen to good people?

I found a rose-bush in the middle of the woods (I have never seen one in the forest before, it was unusual to me) when I was out walking and took a pic of it and was inspired to create this image, it says it all I think. Fear is always that which keeps us from realizing the truth of our nature, which is Love.

(Click on image to see larger).



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  1. Annika lundmark

    Very very interesting maria!!! im to kind to som e people, And sometimes forget my own needs.but i have improved a lot the last year, i have come a long long way to get there, andi beginning to nodest i get the respect that i diserve. ´very good written by you! i will write more later on on thoose kind of subjects. warm hugs to you and wish you a wonderful weekend :-)))) /Annika

  2. Thank you Annika – I’m glad to hear you liked it and that it touched you in some way 🙂

    BIG hug back, and a great weekend to you as well! (I look forward to hear from you:-)

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  6. Joe Faulkner

    How To Respond To Negativity In The World From The Perspective of Spirit – I loved this piece of work and so well put together and most of all the ROSE says it all Thank you for sharing it – we have to let go of the ego and learn to love I am beginning to believe is all our life purpose even thought there are so many closed off the change and to seeing. My question if any is there anything anyone can do to encourage others to look if not see without being seen as manipulative and forcing other to see.

  7. Hi Joe, and thanks for commenting!

    I believe that by being the change we want to see in the world as Gandhi put it, is the way to go about. No one likes to be told what to do or how to think.

    If others are open to hear and curious and open, then interesting and stimulating conversations is wonderful.

    But for someone who is closed; well, then the most constructive way is to simply be – people who want to know more will come to you, while people who are not simply aren’t. (And your actions has consequences that can be witnessed by others as well, not that that’s a goal, it’s just a natural happening).

    I think it’s important not to try to impose anything on others.

    A good rule of the thumb is the good ol’ “treat others as you want to be treated..” 🙂

    Also, a thought that came to mind – with todays enormous capacity to communicate, influence and share; why not start a blog where you write from your heart? (If you don’t already have one)

    Then people who want to hear you will read it.

    The others, .. let them be. Everybody has their own path to go, and it’s great to remember that however it looks they all lead to the same place; awakening to our true nature.

    Here’s a couple of posts that you might like:

    Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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