Only The Brave Stay In The Awakening Process

Not that spiritual awakening doesn’t happen to all of us (if not in this life time then in another, but we are all headed in that direction), but only the brave go through it somewhat peacefully.

For those who resist it, they struggle, because this path is ultimately a path of surrender; about surrendering your beliefs, your struggles, your dreams, you everything; even yourself, but unless you do that, your path will be filled with unnecessary suffering.

And ironically we get to this point when we have had enough; that’s when surrender comes.

People say things like “I want to be in endless bliss and ecstasy all the time, how do I get it back”, thinking that that’s the awakening, that that’s how it is, but that’s not what awakening is and that’s not what our human experience is about.

This is what I see in most people; you want to wake up but you don’t want your ego to get bruised.

The awakening is not for your ego, it’s about waking up from your ego, so,..

Only the brave ones stay.

You can’t get to a peaceful state of mind by trying to escape your chaos and inner conflict.

Awakening is not a magical get-out-of-prison card, it’s not an escape that you can use to get away from your life, you will still have your humanity and it will still play out its roll.

So what inspired me to write this article?

What inspired me was my experience of again loosing a few people because of my article where I invited you to challenge your concept of God: 

I knew this would happen, and when it did I could only smile because it just once again confirmed for me where most people are in their spiritual evolution. (I’m speaking of the majority now.)

It has happened many times before when I have shared some aspects of my awakening that has been threatening to people’s ego’s.

And to challenge the view of God is a big no-no in the spiritual arena, yet I continue to do what I do because I want to above all to stay authentic in my work and true to that which drives me in this life. (The God within me.)

Who/what do you think I live for?

If it was merely for ‘me’, would it then be a good idea to share what I share, knowing that some people will leave me, when I’m in the financial situation I’m in right now?

Wouldn’t it be smarter for me to shut up, to be quiet about my revelations and instead pretend to be something I’m not just to please others so that they may approve of me, so that they would think that “oh, she’s so spiritual, I like her, I want what she has to offer”?

Would I put myself and my situation at even more risk by sharing what I share just to please myself?

Of course not.

I’m all in for Truth, and my realization (about God) is the most wonderful discovery I have made but that’s a huge threat to others, to their ego’s that want to hold on to their imaginary God, their concept of God, so they get frightened, and they leave.

Only the brave ones stay.

I want to ask you who leave me (if you still happen to read my blog now and then) the moment I challenge your view of God; why the insecurity?

If you are so sure, what does it matter what I say?

All is see is the back of frightened little ego’s running away to their safe place in their imaginary God’s bosom or arms.

If you’re not aware of it yet, I think you need to know that I’m not someone that holds ego’s hands and comforts them in their misery so that their little ego’s can feel better.

I’m not into that at all.

I’m more of an ego slayer (I’m joking, but you know what I mean), so if you’re not ready to really let go of your ego, then run away and face your destiny alone where your spiritual awakening process will be a long and struggling journey.

Not to mention the fact that you risk staying on an immature level of consciousness because you never dare to question your cherished beliefs and ideas.

Here I am, feeling absolutely great; I feel like I’m flying, I have this incredible joy and freedom, but you don’t want to hear that it came from me letting go of my beliefs because you want to keep your God, or your angels, or your rocks and crystals, your horoscope reading, your spiritual security blankets, however they look for you.

And I’m not even telling you to do anything but to QUESTION them, that’s all.

I don’t even say that I am the one that you should go with so to speak, but what I am saying is that you absolutely, 100% sure, you must question everything you take as being real and true, because they are all illusions.

So if my little article scared your ego then I can only assume that the next teacher you go to is one that says things that your ego likes and approves of. Things that makes it feel good.

And then you miss the whole point again; you avoid the big questions in your life, you resist and avoid challenging your ego’s illusions instead of questioning them.

And only the brave dare to do that.

They dare to question their assumptions.

The others will stay spiritually immature, they will stay as children on their path.

What do you think enlightenment is?

So many people have a distorted view of what it is; it’s not something that happens overnight, it’s something you evolve to, from an awakening.

First we have an awakening experience (note the word “experience”), then the awakening process begins, which can take years and years, and then that awakening evolves into enlightenment (as the awakening deepens and matures), which also can take years and years, sometimes a lifetime. (Or several.)

Awakening and enlightenment is not a permanent state of eternal bliss. (It’s not an ecstatic experience that never ends.)

Peace yes, but just close your eyes right now and ask within yourself if the peace you seek is not already here, present right now?

You’ll discover that it is, but the ego wants the experience (the “high”), the thrills, the “special” kind of peace that they have heard gurus talk about. (Or that they got a glimpse of in an awakening experience, deep meditation or prayer etc.)

Yes, there is a peace that passeth all understanding, but that comes when you first accept that peace is already present right now, and when you tap into that – the ‘lesser’ kind of peace, the peace that is not good enough for the ego, that’s when you invite more and more peace into your life and experience.

So basically the ego throws away the Truth because it wants the spiritual highs, and it’s always in an elusive search for something that is already here.

The ego’s search of enlightenment as something for IT to live as, but it’s not for the ego, and most people have no clue of who they really are.

And again, the ego has to go, the one who seeks has to go, the self you take yourself to be has to surrender.

That’s what this is about, and as long as you resist or avoid the risk of getting your beliefs shattered, you will just postpone the awakening.

As for me; I believe that sometimes you have to kick over some tables, and sometimes you have to be brave enough and ruffle some feathers, and so I can relate to Jesus and what he must have gone through if he ever existed, because not all listened to him either.

I’m not going to keep quiet about my (wonderful) realizations just to keep my ego intact and protected because I’m not in this to please me; I’m in this because this is what I feel I’m here for.

This, what you see here on this blog and in me as a human being; this is Life expressing itself through me, in this way, and I’m a brave soul.

So just because I invited you to challenge your beliefs and concepts about God doesn’t mean that I’m an atheist or that I’m “against” God or anything like that; this whole thing is a threat only to your ego, and so this just once again tells me that only the brave stay on this path, because they dare to question everything, even their God.

Awakening is awakening up from illusions, so no matter how much you would like to, you don’t get to keep them.

None of them. And I mean that literally.

This path is for the brave ones – Are you one of them? 

ego's disappointment

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  4. Darby

    I can’t remember the exact date I awakened, or whatever one may call it. But it has been a strange yet amazing experience. I was raised in a middle class family, my mother took us to church every Sunday. I was grown up with the basic religious teachings of the bible and Jesus, etc…
    I never questioned those teachings, or really ever cared too much to wonder any different. At that time I wouldn’t have considered myself to be church going religious, but I considered myself to be a ‘Christian’. I occasionally attended church with my mother and sisters on holidays like Easter and Christmas.
    Then about 2 years ago (like I said I can’t remember the exact date) everything changed. I don’t even remember what caused this change in thinking. But suddenly I questioned the bible and the ‘normal’ christian beliefs. I had a very strong inner feeling that everything I had been taught growing up, was somehow not all true. I researched and read everything I could. My mind opened up. I didn’t judge anyone’s beliefs as good or bad. And I realized that i had no beliefs anymore. It was as if everything that I knew growing up disappeared, I had no beliefs any longer. Since then I have been on my own spiritual quest or journey or path… Not so much in search of any truth, because I don’t have the need to be set in any certain beliefs or truth. All this has been so confusing. I feel very lost. But surprisingly I feel free, yet confined at the same time.
    Sorry if this sounds crazy.

  5. That doesn’t sound crazy at all Darby. It’s the opposite actually; you have realized beliefs as being false and that’s part of the awakening process.

    It can happen all by itself or it can be realized through self-inquiry and (relentless) inquiring into Truth.

    So what you have experienced is absolutely sane and not crazy 🙂

    Truth is not a new belief system though, Truth has nothing to do with beliefs at all. (Truth removes every concept, idea and belief).

    Here’s a couple of my older articles (hope you can access them, not sure if you’re a member or not or if the posts are accessible for non-members since I can’t remember them all).

    and you might like this one too:

    Let me know if you’d like to Skype with me – simply contact me and we’ll take it from there 🙂

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  7. Ganesh

    Really Maria !

    Only the Brave dare to explore the path !!
    I want to ask you one thing … can you explain your present state of being …means inner emptiness…. Void… always in Now … No time… No space…. No identification with your body, mind etc…. just witnessing ….in Love & bliss…!!!
    You see peoples around you…. how u see them? just thought- pictures or fleeting gross energy..? am just curious about this!

    Please explain in detail if possible.


  8. That’s the sales pitch for enlightenment Ganesh. It’s nothing like that. The best thing you can do is to come and see for yourself, then you will know. Be one of the brave ones 🙂

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