The Wrong Way To Get People On Your Email Marketing List (And How To Stop Spam)

Regarding Email marketing and how to do it the right way versus the wrong way:

It is never OK to add people to business email lists without their permission. 

I, for one, do NOT like being added to mailing lists just because I once wrote you, or because we are Facebook friends.

That doesn’t give you the permission to send me any Newsletters or any other emails that I haven’t asked for that is not a personal correspondence between us.

You do NOT have the right to collect your Facebook-friends email addresses and add them to your business mailing lists for example.

I have even been added by some when I have ‘liked’ certain Facebook-pages in the past. Not cool! (guess who un-liked the page quickly?)

From now on I will report all unsolicited emails sent to me (that is not of personal nature) and I will do it immediately, because I’m sick and tired of getting all sorts of emails that I don’t care a jota about and that I haven’t subscribed to myself.

Not to mention all the Spam!

“Make millions of dollars while you sleep”-programs and other scams. You know what I’m talking about.

From now on I will be RUTHLESS! I will report each and every one that sends me those kinds of emails and that hasn’t got an “unsubscribe”-option in their email.

By the way; I just read that if you don’t know who the email is from; Do NOT click on any links, not even the unsubscribe-link, because many Spammers use that as a confirmation of your email address, that way they know it is in use and that you are indeed receiving their emails. God knows what they do with the info!

So, I wrote to my host HostGator and asked them how to stop receiving Spam and how to report Spam.

This is what they suggested:

  • Report Spam by forwarding the Spam Email to: with the subject line”Spam Emails”
  • Enable Spam Assassin in cPanel

Here’s how to Enable Spam Assassin in HostGator cPanel:

Once you have been re-directed to the SpamAssassin Configuration, you can Blacklist email addresses that you don’t ever want to have anything to do with anymore:

And also, if you scroll down on the same page, you can Whitelist certain Email addresses that you do want to receive emails from (like mine for example, if you subscribe to some of my Mailing Lists and they for some reason end up in your Spam folder:-)

There you have it! Hope you found it helpful. If so; consider sharing this post with your friends.

Thank you icon smile How To Prevent Spam Emails (HostGator)

I use Aweber for my Email Marketing and can really recommend them.

When someone subscribes to my mailing list, they go through a “confirmation”-process so that I can be absolutely sure that the person who subscribed to my list actually wants my emails, and in every email there is an easy way to unsubscribe at any time. (one click option)

UPDATE: I have cancelled my account with Aweber, not because I wasn’t happy with them (I absolutely still recommend them) but because I decided to make my website into a membership site.

With WishList Membership Plugin for WordPress I can also send emails to the members so I chose to do everything through my membership site instead.

A great plugin if you’re looking for something similar:

It also includes a confirmation-process so that you can be sure that your subscribers/members actually wishes to be on your list, although it doesn’t work in the same way as Aweber as Aweber is more for targeted email marketing and WishList is for membership sites.

Have a look at it yourself and learn more here:

but if you’re thinking of doing more targeted email marketing, then Aweber may be the right choice for you:

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