15 ways the Universe speaks to us

How the Universe speaks to us (15 ways)

The Universe speaks to us all the time.

We receive signs from the Universe all the time, they are all around us at all times, but not all of us are able to pick up on them like we’re meant to because many people live disconnected lives, being out of alignment with the flow of Life.

It’s when we’re not aware of, or when we’re ignoring the messages the Universe is sending us, that our lives are full of struggle, suffering and frustration.

Here’s 15 ways in which the Universe speaks to us that you can begin to hone into, and as you do that, it will make a huge difference in your life and improve your life in so many positive ways you can’t even imagine!

15 ways the Universe speaks to us:

1. Through other people.

Other people often carry messages for us that we need to hear and it’s true what they say that “when the student is ready, the teacher appear.”

So pay attention to the people that come into your life and what messages they have for you.

2.) Invitations.

If you get invited somewhere or if someone contacts you out of nowhere with and opportunity or offer, don’t be so quick to dismiss it if you normally do that.

Turn inwards for a moment and ask yourself if maybe you should accept it this time.

3.) Songs.

Pay attention to what songs are playing on the radio just after you’ve asked for guidance for example.

Many times the Universe speaks to us through music and lyrics.

4.) Unexpected meetings.

There are no coincidences.

When experiencing a ‘chance meeting’, explore with your awareness the events that seem to cluster together and ask (inwardly) what wants to happen through the meeting.

5.) Signs.

Literal signs, such as road signs, billboards, and any kind of posts on Instagram or Facebook etc.

If there’s a sign for you you will sense it and feel its significance.

6.) Recurring events/repeated messages.

This could be a dream that keeps recurring, or an experience, or specific words/phrases that keep repeating themselves to you, and so on.

If something seem to be stuck in your head, or you have thoughts/ideas that keeps coming up, pay attention.

There’s a reason why you’re being ‘bombarded’ with them.

7.) Numbers.

You see number sequences like 111 or 11:11.

Look up their meaning and see if it resonates with where you’re at or what you’ve been thinking about recently or asking about.

8.) Synchronicity.

For example, many times people find my website synchronistically, maybe you did too?

Synchronicity is one of the most powerful ways the Universe speaks to us and the more aligned you are, the more they happen (like all the time).

9.) Confirmations.

You get clear validations from the Universe that you’re on the right path or have made the right decision about something in your life.

For example; you begin seeing and hearing about people who are doing and living what you want to be doing and living.

It’s the Universe’s way of confirming to you that you are perfectly aligned with the energy of your future reality.

10. ) You just ‘know’.

You have a strong inner knowing about something and no matter how pressing a situation might be, fear and worry is completely gone and you’re filled with a strange and unusual sense of inner peace that seem unrockable (and it is).

Nothing can sway you away from what you know within your soul and there’s nothing about the situation that scares you anymore.

11.) Resources appear.

What you need just shows up.

Money magically appears, doors are suddenly being opened, books with exactly what you need to know comes your way out of nowhere, people enter your life that can help you and so on.

12.) Intuition.

Your intuition is always guiding you towards that which would bring you the most joy and freedom.

Listen to your gut and instincts, they too are part of our intuitive faculties.

If something feels ‘right’, go ahead and do it even if it seems illogical or you have no clue how it’s going to work out.

Trust yourself. Many times it doesn’t make sense here 🧠…. it makes sense here ❤️.

13.) Dreams.

We also get guidance through our dreams so begin paying more attention to them and write them down in your journal as soon as you wake up and look up their meaning afterwards to see how they relate to your life and what guidance they bring.

14.) Words.

Words and sentences through texts or emails, or you’re overhearing someone talking about something that is related to what’s going on in your life and things you’ve been thinking about or wanting to know about.

Pay attention to these types of signs as they are all around us and can be communicated through many different mediums and channels.

15.) You experience flow.

You feel very much aligned and connected and everything in your life is flowing and coming together beautifully and perfectly.

Things just work out somehow for you in magical and many times mystical ways that leaves you feeling amazed and in absolute wonder and awe.

This is a beautiful sign that you are aligned with the flow of Life your and that you’re on the right path in your life, doing what you’re meant to do and being where you’re meant to be.

The moment you open up and allow the Universe to speak to you, it will:

Pay attention to the messages from the Universe

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  1. Mark

    Hi Maria,
    I loved this post, like a walk down memory lane. I have had such profound experiences with this sort of thing, simply undeniable. What once brought me to tears just seems normal now. But this week after our session it’s tears all over again. I love it, but my mind may not recover. 🎉

  2. Mark

    What I meant by recover is the the minds continues support of my having an identity based on a personalized sense of self.
    In the spiritual world the mind is sometimes looked on as the opposition. But I see it as a great asset once identification is in the proper place. It’s seems to me the lightness and peace that I feel since our session is because I’m not attaching or identifying with anything and staying centered. Thank you again so much, you are a true blessing.
    ☮️♥️ Mark

  3. Ah, ok, yes, I see what you mean. And you’re so very welcome!

    It’s was a true honor and pleasure talking and working with you. 😊

    Regarding your comment;

    I think you’ll like this article Mark:


    It’s a very old post but it came to mind now reading your comment. Maybe you like it. 😊

    Yes, in many spiritual circles the ego or the mind (and many other things) are looked at as “bad” or ‘wrong’.

    The less self-awareness a person has (and especially if they have a mind that is ruled by spiritual beliefs), the less inclined the person is to be able to see that what is actually happening in their mental suffering;

    That it’s the ego that is trying to get rid of itself!

    But the person doesn’t know that this is happening because the ego is the self that is unaware of itself, and if the person’s identification is there and there is no deeper self-inquiry going on other than wanting to ‘get rid of the ego’, .. well, then the person is not gonna get very far in terms of transformation and freedom.

    Instead it becomes a vicious cycle of self-loathing (wanting to get rid of the ego) and self-grandiosity (ego feeling ‘holier than thou’, which only ingrains the spiritual beliefs even more and makes the false self stronger, and in some cases even narcissistic!).

    Self-awareness is KEY, it’s one of the most important things a person can develop and grow in.

    Not only does it benefit your inner journey and development (or awakening process), but overall; in your work, relationships and so on.

    The more self-awareness a person has, the more authentically confident and ‘balanced’ (in harmony with themselves and Life) they are and this of course affects everything else in life too, both their personal life and circles but also the world at large.

    When the ego no longer rules, life becomes beautiful and magical! 😊

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