How was your evening?

Happy New Year everyone!

Hope you had a wonderful new years eve?

I had a very quiet and harmonious evening and I really enjoyed myself.
Actually I made the whole day and evening to a very special time where I first of all cleaned the whole apartment, and even though I have a high awareness about energy and I don’t store and collect things anymore that I know I won’t need or use, I went through all my stuff, through away old magazines and stuff, and I cleaned every little corner in my home! I put all my stones and crystals in the moon light for cleansing and re-charging and I also sat down and wrote a gratitude list.

I wrote about everything, and everyone that I am grateful for from 2009, and after that I wrote a list of all the things, people, attitudes, behaviors etc that I was ready to leave behind me for good, and last I wrote a list of all my awesome intentions for the new year of 2010!

Many hours went by, and I really enjoyed it, and when the clock stroke 00:00 I went outside, looked at the full moon and burned the sheet I had written all my stuff down that I was going to release from my life for good– looking at all the fireworks and hearing people cheering everywhere made it a very emotional moment for me and I am getting tears in my eyes as I write this now too- it was a very powerful evening, a beautiful end to a year and a perfect beginning of a new one 🙂

After a (very) short while, I went inside again– it’s freaking cold here in Norway..!- looked at the remaining fireworks from my window and when the silence entered again, I sat down and read my intentions out loud and then went to bed. Woke up the next morning feeling very empowered and eager to begin my new year; the best year ever so far in my life has begun and I have so much plans and goals to look forward to fulfill and allow to manifest in my life– Yes! 🙂

I wish you all a wonderful 2010, filled with Blessings and Success!

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