How We Get Programmed By The World

How We Get Programmed by the Outside World

Here’s an old article that I wrote ages ago that I wanted to re-publish.

Hope you enjoy!

From the moment we are born we get into the training of the world and the most important things are basically left out for many people. We are not encouraged to be authentic, rather to fit in and do as everybody else.

Even if our families have good intentions and mean well, they have their own issues and beliefs that they are unconsciously feeding the child with their energy.

We get trained to believe that being ourselves is bad and that there is something wrong with us if we think differently or have grand dreams in our life.

In school we are taught about history which is filled with terrible moments only to learn that the world is evil instead of teaching kids today about thinking forward and let go of past resentments.

We are taught to get an education, often with the motivating of money as a goal, rather than following an “impossible dream”; we are told “you can’t make money on doing that”, “that’s not a job, that’s a hobby, get real!”.

Although all great things that has ever been created were once “impossible” in the eyes of the average person…

Most great people in the world has been ridiculed by the average people because the have thought for themselves rather than following the masses.

Religion teaches us that we are sinners and unworthy, and that if we are good (meaning following a particular churches beliefs and rules) then we might get to heaven after we die.

Although the truth is that we are here to create heaven on earth with our free will, completely worthy of the Kingdom of God right now.

Heaven or hell is a choice we make in every instant of our lives, it’s not a punishment or reward for the afterlife!

Media tells us how to look, what to eat, what to wear, and what to believe about the world. Media tells us about the “news” in the world which is only a fragment of what’s really going on.

We are told to be a good girl or boy, which basically only means “do as I say, I know better”, and we are told to behave in a certain way so that others are not uncomfortable around us and we are fed to feel guilt if we voice our opinion.

We are taught to be more like everyone else; and hear things like “why can’t you be more like your sister?” and instead of being free to show our true emotions we are told to calm down and be quiet.

Have you thought about how you are being influenced by the world, and how you in turn are influencing those around you? We are constantly influencing each other, and because most people look outside themselves for the “truth”, we are being programmed by how the majority thinks life is rather than what our inner self is telling us.

This is how we create our “personas”.

We have many sides to us, and not many of us is living in total authentically. We have an ego, who is who we think we are, while the true self is the spirit, and we also have a mask that we show to the world, our persona; the person we want others to think we are.

The role we play in others life based on what we think they want us to be.

We are told to be in a certain way in order to be the perfect parent, the perfect employee, the perfect girl/boyfriend, the perfect this and that, but who teaches us to be the perfect I AM?

What if; what if just for today we dropped that mask altogether?

What if we let go of the mask and blurted out our own truth to others regardless of what we think they would think of us?

What if we began to appreciate the rebellious child a bit more, just for today, thinking that this child shows leadership, this child is courageously being authentic and I am going to support him or her in that. What if we, just for today, consciously let others shine?

I remember when I used to go to group therapy many years ago.

I noticed that the negative stuff always had the most attention and I thought to myself; why is that? I mean, why don’t get the people who has progressed in a positive direction more attention instead of listening to hours and hours of someone else’s self pity while pleasing the attention-seeking ego?

Why not look forward and celebrate other people positive progress more?

Why not give more attention to all the positive stuff people do instead of dwelling in the negativity?

We learn this behavior when we are children, that if we really want someones attention, then all we have to do is something that is considered to be “bad”, then we are sure to get it.

I see this same thing with ordinary conversations among people today, that the more down or low someone is, the more attention he or she gets, and the more powerful and joyful one is the more resentment the person meets.

The more one loves one self and believes in oneself the more people look down on you and judge you of bragging and boasting.

The underlying and hidden message, which is not so hidden if you think about it, is that you should hide your light under a bushel so that others can feel comfortable and safe. This has to change, don’t you think?

I dare you today to give this day to really lift people up, do things in a totally opposite manner, completely ignore negativity, and speak your mind honestly and with integrity.

Cheer people on and tell your child that the most important thing for him and her is to be who they are and not like everybody else thinks they should be. Go crazy with spreading encouragement and compliments today.

Tell people you love them, even if it scares you to do that thinking “what will they think of me if I do that?”

Drop the mask, get vulnerable and live life more fully!


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  4. Harriet

    I guess that is why some of the richest people, as well as the most intelligent ones, are those who were not able to complete a formal education. We all know that formal schooling sometimes destroys the potentials of an individuals because of the idea to conform.

  5. Hello Harriet,

    and many thanks for your comment!

    Yes, I truly believe that our true life is outside the box, but many (most) people are more driven by other peoples expectations than by their own inner calling.

    Much great potential is wasted by that as you also mentioned – that’s why it’s so important to live by example, because we are all influencing each other either we want it or not.

    Everything we do is an energy exchange and we are all transmitters:-)

    All the best to you!


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