Woodrow Wilson quote

When you’re gone, what will people remember you for?

How will people remember you after you die?

What kind of friend were you?

What kind of mom/dad were you?

What kind of husband/wife were you?

What kind of family member were you?

What kind of neighbor were you?

What did you do with your time here?

What was your contribution to this world while you were here?

How did you share yourself with others?

What kind of things and activities did you invest your energy, time and money into?

How did you show up?

I hope you can say that you had the courage to walk in your truth, to chase after the right things, that you were bold, and that the times you felt weak you were okay with it because you knew that you’re not alone and that ‘this too shall pass‘,

and I hope you laughed a lot, – a lot! and that you loved your life, and that you loved, period… Especially yourself.

I hope you lived life full out, with no regrets.

Let the thoughts that comes to mind when you read these words inspire you to step out even more into alignment so that when that day comes, you can be proud of yourself and feel that you gave your all.

Let the memories you have of yourself be good.

On my deathbed I know for sure that I did what I was called to do and I know I used my time here well.

I know I listened to my intuition and followed my true life’s flow, and that I wasn’t afraid of being vulnerable, or of making mistakes,

and when I did make mistakes, I learned something from them, and I also know that the times I failed, I always got back up again.

I will know that I served and was connected to my higher calling and helped other people fulfill their destiny and purpose as well,

that I spent my days doing what I was put on this earth to do and that I always did my best and gave it all I got.

I will also know that I forgave those who hurt me and therefor set both them and myself free.

What story do you want to be told about you?

How do you want to think about you, and remember yourself and your life?

Don’t wait another day to make a shift towards that which feels true in your heart, don’t take tomorrow for granted, because right now is all that we know we have.

If you’re playing small, stop dimming your light once and for all, and lovingly let go of that and those that are not for your highest good.

Stop procrastinating and hiding on your dreams and desires that your soul urges you to act upon.

We only got this one shot at life. Take it, really take it, and run with it!

Don’t let fear hold you back.

Forgive and forget about the past.

Be thankful for everything.

And live Today.

All in, and full on.

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  1. Anna Stefán

    Wow I’ve just discovered your incredible website now while searching for spiritual things online and just wow you are so outstandingly amazing! The pure power of your words the energy they create above place and time is one of a kind!! Just Congrats for being you! A wonderful soul and human being with an aim to help others find themselves and become free and live life to its fullest!
    And especially this article really gave me the flow and so much inspiration to let go of everything that keeps me back and fly on my own path!
    Thank you Maria!💖🙏

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