How would you feel if you had no fear?

Feel into that by reading the question slowly to yourself and really ponder it.

“How would I feel, if I had no fear?

What if today you practiced just that; felt That feeling in all situations?

How would you be around other people? “How would I feel if I wasn’t afraid?”

How would you react if something ‘bad’ (undesirable) happened? “How would I feel if I didn’t worry or panic about this?”

What would you do about your dreams and desires? “How would I feel if I wasn’t scared?”

Fear makes you underestimate and undervalue yourself and it also makes you overestimate and exaggerate the nature and power of the situation, challenge, or the people you’re with.

When that happens, take a deep breath and look at the fear before you react or respond.

“How would I feel now if I had no fear?” And then feel That.

There is no need to shrink when fear shows its ugly face, and by becoming aware of the other emotional options you have, you will be able to free yourself from it.

The mind has a way of going to reactive mode when fear comes up because it’s programmed to do so, so by asking what other things you could feel in those situations, you teach (or reprogram) your mind to respond in different and more beneficial ways.

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