I am That in which everything happens

I have been pondering this for a while – how do I write this article? How do I explain this?

So I just begin writing and see what words comes forth.

For a while now I have felt the increasing awareness or realization that I don’t want to call myself anything in particular but for practical reasons I kind of “have to” so I have not known how to get this out, how to explain this. 

Because again, for practical reasons it’s best to have a website that has a few words about the author; that’s kind of important, especially for people who has just found me and my site.

But I don’t feel like anybody anymore. I don’t want to be anybody – I don’t want to call myself this or that, I don’t want to use words that could in any way be defining me. 

Even if I of course know that ‘I’m not that’ (we are not our names, roles, bodies etc), that’s not what I mean, and I’m sure the majority of you know what I’m talking about. 

I just feel this strong inner pull to let go of everything that is other than “I am”, or that in some way or another adds something to the “I am” because I am not that which can be explained by using words.

So my ‘concern’ has not been about me being nobody but rather ‘how do I explain this to my readers?’

Because, again, for practical reasons I kind of have to call myself something.

But I can’t anymore, I can’t say I’m this or that, it feels unnatural and limiting.

I am the Self. But the Self can’t be described in words, it’s beyond explanation.

So I’m going to change the info that I have here on my website (and other places online) about myself since I don’t want to call myself anything anymore nor do I feel any kind of pull to find any description either.

In fact, it’s liberating.

But I have to say something don’t I 🙂 So we’ll see what comes up next.

All I know is that I’m nobody and I like it that way. I enjoy it actually.

To know that I’m nobody has opened up to everything and that is what I am;

The space in which everything happens.

And I remain as the undefinable Self I’ve always been. 

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  2. Mark

    You and Nisargadatta (I Am That).
    Here’s a great quote from one of my favorite sages:
    “This meditation is certainly not in itself a mystical or religious experience, not euphoric, not a sudden expansion into universal love or cosmic consciousness, not any kind of feeling or thought or intuition whatever. Quite the contrary, it is absolutely featureless, colourless, neutral. It is gazing into the pure, still, cool, transparent Fountainhead, and simultaneously out from It at the streaming, turbulent world – without being carried away into that world. You can ensure your full share of mystical or spiritual experiences, not by going downstream after them, but only by noticing that you are forever upstream of them all, and they can only be enjoyed there from their Source in you.” – Douglas Harding

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