“I am willing to be more willing to be more open”

That’s a great affirmation, don’t you agree?

We are not victims of the world, only if we give away our power to it. Life does not just happen and we just have to deal with whatever comes our way. We are not merely reactors to the events in our life, we are the creators of them. I know, not always fun to hear, but using that knowingness and by taking responsibility of what’s happening in our life makes us powerful. I have had times in my life when I have suddenly realized that “I made this – that means I can create other things too”, and it’s always a powerful feeling, whether it has been positive or negative creations..

We create with our thoughts and feelings. We are energy, just as everything is, and we become what we think all day long. Our energy attracts like energy vibrations to us at all times, 24 hour a day, all our life.

So the more we see the world from the narrow perspective of the ego, the more limited our view is, and the more victimized we feel. And the more victimized we feel, the more resentment we feel, and the more we feel resentment about, the more we complain about it to our friends, who either agree with us, or chose to think in another way, in a more lighthearted way. Often this other way produces opposition in the other and they argue for their limitations.

I have heard these sentences countless of times, and I’m pretty sure you have too:

-“How would it look if everyone did what they wanted and liked, the world would be in total chaos”

-“You can’t always do what you like, sometimes you have to do things that are important to others even if you don’t like it”.

Ok, so lets look at this in another way.

First of all, let me tell you that whatever we believe about life, becomes our life. So if we believe in these kinds of limitations, then they become our truth, and we get to experience life in this way. And a limited view of life leads to frustration and feelings of victim hood, which leads to complaining and the complaining always leads to more to complain about.

–But what if we thought a bit different? Well, then our life would reflect that belief too.

If everyone lived their life doing what they actually liked, and did what they wanted to do with their lives, then there would be total harmony in the world. This is what I firmly believe. No, actually, I know this. And I’m speaking about living from a perspective of our spirit. Doing what we love is why we are here to do and share with others. We are here to do that which gives us joy.

I’m sure you have encountered someone in your life that didn’t like their job, and you could really feel it, am I right? I know I have. The world is full of people who live for the weekends where they don’t “have to go to work”. And we have all met people who actually love what they do for a living, agree?
There is already chaos in the world, (even if ego thinks it’s “normal” to live like most do today) because most people don’t follow their callings and dreams. There would be harmony if everyone “followed their bliss” as Joseph Campbell so famously said. I love meeting people who love what they do 🙂

Not everyone wants the same things. Not everyone of us have the same dreams and goals.
That’s an argument that I hear often too: “not everyone could live on a tropical island you know!” – and I say of course not, but that is not everyones dream either! We all want different things.
Every single one of us is here for a divine reason, and we are all, no exceptions, here to give something to the world that only we can give. So there is no competition. Someone is actually waiting for you to bring forth that which you love to them, so their life can be better just because you were here.

There are invisible “rules” that we are programmed to follow; rules that say you should please others and not do as you please, because that would be selfish. Never mind that. Just go ahead and be kind to yourself first. Only then can you be fully engaged in life and the interaction with others. We can’t really be fully present for someone if our minds and hearts are not in it. I’m not going to chose to suffer just so that others can be happy that I pleased them and did as they expected me to do.

When someone expects you to follow these “rules” and you don’t want to and they are calling you selfish, they are actually being the selfish ones because they get upset if you don’t do what you’re suppose to; meaning as they want. They unconsciously want you to do the thing so that they can be happy. And if you don’t; then I can assure you that you will hear about it!

It only takes a little openness to change the course of our life. An openness to think that there might be another way to look at things. If that feels threatening, as I know it does for some people (and it’s OK, it’s part of our spiritual evolution) we can make it more approachable and say that we are willing to be willing to be more open. That way our minds can accept change easier and we can experience progress in a lot more harmonious way.

Instead of being upset the next time someone does something we don’t agree with, we could chose to just say to ourselves that “that is their choice, their life and their perspective” without judging them to be wrong. We could chose to live and let live. We are always at choice.

There are just as many rights and wrongs as there are people in the world, and as long as we are not harming others while following our own truth (our spirit never hurts, it only brings us all peace and well-being), which I think should be respected, because deep down, that’s what we all want. To be respected and accepted for who we are, in all our differences.

The only ones that will get bruised are the egos involved, and I say; so be it. No biggie. Egos will always feel offended when their view is threatened. That’s OK. Just stay out of the need to explain and justify your new choice because the ego will probably never “get it” anyway- It’s a waste of time.
Just go for your bliss with no matter what.

Instead of complaining and seeing what is seemingly “wrong” in the world, we could see if there is something we can do to change it to something we like instead. We could chose to be the solution just as easy, it’s only a matter of how we chose to think. When we focus on what we want to experience instead of what we don’t, everything changes. When our thinking changes, our life changes too. We can chose to move from victim hood to empowerment. It is not necessary to do something physical to change something, it only requires a tweak in our thinking:

Everything is created twice; first in mind, second in form/physical. It all begins in the mind.

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