I appreciate You

I was thinking of a topic to write about late last night when I went to bed and appreciation came to my mind, I have felt such a wave of that awesome loving feeling towards life lately and I can’t thank God enough for the peace I feel inside, so I thought to myself; it’s about being in love with life, to appreciate one another, for what we have and where we are – it’s so important.

Who can you show appreciation to today?

Maybe you have a friend that you assume knows you love them; but why not tell them that today?

And when was the last time you gave someone a hug just because?

How about writing to, or calling someone you haven’t been in contact with for a long time and just ask how they are doing? Care about another.

It’s freezing cold here in Norway, and when I look outside my window I feel so grateful that I have a home, that I have a warm place to live, and when I think of my perfect health, I feel so grateful, so blessed.

I feel gratitude when I think of all the insights and guidance I get every day, and for my increasing knowledge about web design 😀

My intention for today is to say Thank You for everything, I’m going to deliberately search for things and people to show appreciation towards today and really bask in the wonderful feeling of LOVE!

How about you? Join me?


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  1. Of COURSE I’ll join you! I am so amazed at how God’s Hand is moving the universe to provide absolutely everything I need in this moment. Growing friendships, expanding knowledge, exploding love, in so many forms.

    I’ve been putting together a list of 100 goals for 2010 and caught myself accidentally calling it a gratitude list. Then I realized that was indeed true. The only difference between a goal list and a gratitude list is time, and time is illusion, so I’m grateful for this perfect moment, for all the goals I will be allowed to achieve, and for all that’s happened to bring me to this place.

    And so, I appreciate you, very much. My transformation, my blossoming, is being influenced my your wonderful daily blogs.

    Life is good. 🙂

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