I know I need healing but I’m afraid (Ask Maria)

“I feel like I haven’t dealt with myself and all that has happened over the years and I’m not sure how to release the emotions I have inside of me.

I’m afraid of what can happen because there is so much.

How should I approach this healing which I know I need but are afraid to unload?”

My reply:

I feel for you, I really do.

Because I can remember the fear I had in my healing process back when I was in rehab.

I was so afraid to face it because I knew there was so much I needed to deal with and I had so many suppressed memories from my childhood for example that I was too afraid of knowing about.

I was depressed, psychotic, I mean I was a mess, I real mess.

As I write this now I get all emotional because I am so incredibly thankful that I got the help that I needed, but it took a while before I surrendered to the healing process fully.

I remember laying there on the healing bench receiving healing from wonderful and loving people, yet I was terrified of letting go into it.

I was so afraid of what might come up so it took me maybe five sessions or so before I finally said to the fear that ‘okay, show me, I don’t care anymore, I’m tired of being afraid’.

And I swear to you, in that moment, in that exact moment any fears that I have had before, they melted away, in an instant. And I felt free.

I’m crying now as I type this, because it was such a profound thing, a life-changing moment in my life.

After that session my real healing work could begin and from then on it went upward and forward, not without challenges of course, but things rapidly began to improve in my life and my health.

So my answer to your question is that you should get started on your healing journey as soon as possible.

If you feel guided to work with me, book a session HERE.

You don’t have to be alone, you can have support and help in your healing process.

These things will never go away by themselves, so either you begin your healing process now or you just postpone it, but until you start working things out for yourself the pain will always be there.

But then when you do begin to take your health (mental/emotional/spiritual) seriously you will also begin your journey to wholeness.

The things that has happened to you in your life can also have triggered an awakening process in you (as a life crisis of some kind often do), but at this time in your life I would suggest that you focus on your healing process.

And once that is going on (and you have established yourself more firmly in your mental and emotional stability) then you can begin to look at any other processes that might be going on simultaneously.

I promise you that once you dare to look fear in the face it will loose its power over you, but see to it that you have someone around you that you can turn to should things become too tough to handle on your own.

Don’t postpone your healing process though, it just prolongs the suffering.

Do something already today to help yourself.

Wishing you all the best on your journey forward,


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