No matter how things look – I know I’m RICH! (1/2)

Facts are not Truth.

It doesn’t matter how things might ‘look’, I know I’m rich and so are YOU.

The Truth of who we are is a prosperous being and prosperity is not only about money, but it’s about money too.

I remember only a few weeks ago someone contacted me and she was full of resentment and bitterness because my site is a membership site because according to her, all spiritual work should be free of charge.

She took pride in being broke because “that’s more spiritual” and money is of the devil and whatever she wrote.

Anyways; the point I want to make is that none of us is meant to be living barely surviving, and it’s degrading to our true nature to ever succumb to poverty and being broke as if it was somehow noble to live life like that.

It’s not. We are all meant to prosper and live the life more abundant.

Sometimes things happen in life that we couldn’t have predicted; suddenly life wants to take us on a route that we think we don’t want to go on because it looks like its’ not going to be what we like, but no matter what we do, off we go – because that’s where Life wants to go.

I never thought I would live with other people again in my life, yet here I am.

And don’t get me wrong, I love the people I’m with right now, they are interesting and fun to be with and so on (as I shared here in my update from Spain), but I had thought a completely different outcome (not that it’s over yet) to what came to happen.

Even though I wanted to stay in Nerja and having my own apartment there, life obviously wants something else for me right now.

So today I was inspired to share with you a little bit about my own personal consciousness work that I have been doing intensely for almost a year now, since this post actually:

As you can read in the article I woke up one morning feeling inspired to not receive a vision that I was used to, but this time I was to create a vision.

Part of that vision that I then created for myself included financial prosperity, so what I have been working on in my own personal life since then is my prosperity consciousness.

This is something I feel very passionate about and I have loved every second of it (and still do), and I can’t wait to start teaching it, it’s a subject I really resonate with and love.

So whatever is happening in my life right now in regards to my finances is only temporary, I know I’m destined to be prosperous and it’s a choice anyone can make because it’s our birthright.

But it all starts from within because we have all been programmed with a lot of nonsense, lies and deceptions about who we really are and what we are entitled to as beings of God, so my own inner work for the last year has been about prosperity and mostly about the money-part because I have the other parts aligned already.

(Healthy body, healthy relationships, healthy environment, I do the work that I’m called to do etc etc.)

I’m a person who wants to do things authentically so before I teach prosperity, I want to master it, I want to live it, it’s not enough for me to only have knowledge, I also need to live it if I’m to teach it.

It has to be a living reality or I have to have the experience necessary to be able to teach something.

That’s my own personal opinion and view-point at least.

Some of my teachers began teaching prosperity before their financial breakthrough, but I have not felt that I want to do that – I want to live the Truth and teach from a place of authenticity.

I have done some self-inquiry on that too, asking if I am to begin teaching it before I live it fully, but the intuitive answer has always been leaning towards ‘no, I should live it first, only then can I be a true inspiration to others’.

This is how I see it; I could for example not be able to give marriage counseling to others either because I have never been married, and I couldn’t teach people about childcare because I don’t have children myself, or whatever it might be; if I don’t have actual experience, or if something is not a living reality in my life, then how great of a teacher could I be?

I can give guidance about spiritual awakening and transformation because I live it, I have lots of experience about it, I have gone through it myself etc (not that I’m “done”, no one ever is), so it’s authentic and I can teach it with integrity.

It just feels more intuitively right to teach from a place where I know what I’m talking about because I’m living it, so my prosperity teachings will unfold naturally as my outer life begins to manifest financial prosperity – then I have evidence and proof that backs up my claims so to speak.

I have introduced it a little bit here and there, that we are all entitled to prosperity and so on, but in regards to all the million things I have done to upgrade my mind and renew it, that’s for later share, and I really already look forward to it!

Many of my teachers has been in similar challenging situations as I am in right now and I can relate to them in so many other ways as well and that has of course just inspired me even more to grow my consciousness to match up with the Truth that we are all to live our lives with plenty of money to enjoy and to share.

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