If it’s here, let it be (Surrender to the Present Moment)

It’s only when we deny or hide what we feel or think that we suffer.

If the feeling is there, let it be. That’s the easiest way to transcend anything, by letting it be.

Not with that intention of course, we can’t fool the universe! Not with the intention to ‘let it be so I can get away from the inner turmoil’.

Try it!

Think about something now that you may be ranting about in your mind, or something you feel offended by, or angry about, even sad.

Experience how it feels to let it be, to actually welcome it.

It’s when someone goes through everyday life trying to be perfect and behave correctly that there’s friction and conflict within, or aggravation and worry.

When we’re not being true to ourselves and are suppressing our true feelings and thoughts, making them wrong even just for ourselves, that’s when things get out of balance. 

If something is upsetting you right now, use that and see what happens. Whatever it may be.

Look at it, and say something like:

Okay, so I feel resentful because this or that. I feel a bit angry for something that he/she said and actually I also feel a bit betrayed. Yes, that’s what I feel. Betrayed and angry. And hurt”.

You can even exaggerate it. This is kind of funny, feelings and thoughts make themselves to be sooo important and when we exaggerate them we become aware of their unimportance and we can even realize how silly most of them are 🙂

If it feels appropriate for you to have fun with this, go on and have fun with it. Oftentimes the lighthearted approach is the best; humor is a great antidote if it’s sincere and curious. 

And then say:

And that is completely okay. I’m fine with those feelings being here now. I welcome them and I let them be here, if only for the simple reason that they are here, so I’m not going to resist them. They are allowed to be here”.

Feel how that feels. Actually do this now. It’s not enough to read.

You can even write your feelings and thoughts down on paper and really pinpoint what’s going on inside. 

Allow the feelings to be there, and also let thoughts be there.

Something that oftentimes happens, if not in all cases, is that with some kind of spiritual opening – even though it’s a lovely experience and all that – the mind will come in again, and it will do so quite forcefully.

It is not pleased with any realizations and transformations so it’s a natural thing for the mind to resists those things, so let it do that.

We all know how the mind can get rampant and obsessive.

What if you let it be that way, if it is that way now? Just because it is. That’s the only reason we need basically; it is already here.

The mind goes a bit haywire for a while and will do it’s rambling and ranting, and resisting it won’t help, it will still do it’s thing. (It will cease with time and your spiritual development and the more aware and conscious you become the easier it will get).  

This is where it’s important to be aware of this completely natural phenomenon with the spiritual awakening process and not resist it or hide from it, or try to get away from it by any means of trying to “feel better” or “stay positive”.

That’s just phony and fake, because you can’t pretend in front of God. No way around it.

Be with it.

I promise you that the moment you let it be, when you actually welcome it and invite it to just be, something amazing happens.

Try it!

Let go of the need to try to control the mind and thinking and let any sensations be.

See what happens.

Now, obviously I mean this within yourself, it’s not about lashing out at someone or something.

Instead of listening to the voice of the ego that says things like:

I should not be thinking these thoughts, or feel this way”, say: 

Well, I do. So there you have it. I do feel this way, and it’s okay with me to do that. Yes, I actually feel not only angry, but really really pissed off! And I’m okay with that too”.

Don’t avoid life; feel what you feel.

We can look at them as being seasoning or color to our experiences through life – how boring it would be if we didn’t have these sensations!

Life is both darkness and Light, and with acceptance and allowance there’s an underlying peace that never gets disturbed despite what’s going on on the surface of life.

How about giving being totally unprotected a chance? Being completely open to what is. 

What if we didn’t deny or hide – we could try that too. When ‘what is’ is allowed, whatever it is, then that which we a moment ago resisted and thought of as being wrong now easily and quickly flows through us, because the resistance is no longer there.

Resistance is about pushing away, and dwelling is about holding on. Both of the approaches to deal with ‘what is’ is all about  making this moment wrong and trying to escape from it or wallowing in the mind-made stories about it. (The ego loves that!)

Let go, relax, take a deep breath and allow this moment to be what it is with total acceptance and see what happens within you.

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