Just Ignore The Word “God” In My Older Articles..

Sometimes when I am about to re-post one of my older articles I decide not to, and the reason is that since I don’t believe in God anymore (or any other concepts) it would give the wrong picture of me when it comes to where I am today in my spiritual evolution and growth.

So I wanted to write a few words about it so that people who are new to me can get a clearer image of who I am and what I’m about.

Because even though there’s the word “God” in my older articles here and there it doesn’t mean that there’s not other things that are valuable and interesting in them so I want to keep re-posting then now and them without having to be associated with someone who believes in any Gods etc.

It can be off-putting if the title has “God” in it if you’re not into God and those types of things, I know that for myself.

I can’t listen to podcasts/watch/read stuff myself if there’s talk about God this and God that because I just can’t relate to that anymore.

Unless it’s a very interesting subject or interview or whatever, then I can ignore the God-talk and just take in what resonates.

Having said that; this website has over 650 articles and I began writing it in 2009 and since I’m all about transformation and growth the content has also changed a lot throughout the years.

Some periods of my life there was more God-stuff and then in some others I have written about me becoming an atheist and then how I let go of that label too etc etc.

I mean it’s so much to read here, there’s a lot of articles here that anyone can relate to depending on where they are in their own evolutionary process; lots of contrasts and big differences in all the articles that I have written.

And there could easily have been thousands of articles here because my articles are known to be very long. I normally write articles that are between 1500 – 2000 words long (sometimes even longer), and an average post in any other blog or website is usually between 300 and 600 words.

You do the math 🙂

I wanted to mention this because I love having readers and sometimes I want to re-post my older articles, so please just ignore the word “God” in any of my articles and take what you need from them because they are all (if I may say so myself) filled with gems that can be helpful, inspiring and empowering regardless of if someone believes in God or not.

Just replace the word “God” with yourself. That’ll do it 🙂

Moving on, .. to another thing now that we’re on the subject of clarifying things;

The best way to be up to date with me is to join my mailing list or read maybe the five most recent posts (see sidebar) but even the five most recent posts can sometimes be “old” (and most of the time not even about me) since my spiritual and personal growth can be very rapid so sometimes what I wrote yesterday or last week might no longer be relevant to who I am today.

Not that it’s all about me, but since I wanted to share this with you about the whole God-thing when it comes to my older articles I thought I’d throw that in as well because sometimes people think I have a certain mindset or opinion (or realization) about something when in reality I have moved on (or my awakening has deepened) since we spoke or were in contact and are totally different compared to then.

And of course, to interact with me directly on the social media by commenting, asking questions and so on, that’s the absolute best way to stay updated in terms of what I’m about and what I share here on my website and elsewhere! 🙂

With all this said; if you are new to me and want to join my membership site then it might be of value to know that I have never been a God-nut, religious or anything like that, so a great thing to do if you are unsure about the content here on mariaerving.com is to simply browse my ‘categories’ and ‘archives’ (also in the sidebar).

Or, you can use the search box (up in the right corner in the sidebar) to find topics that would be of interest to you.

Hope you enjoy the content here – both the old articles and the newer ones and please feel very welcome to get in touch anytime.

I love hearing from my readers and I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments section below my posts and/or commenting on my social media pages and profiles to get a fresh, updated/relevant conversation going on between us 🙂

I love that!

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Update on my whereabouts: 

Right now I’m in Archez here in Malaga (Andalucia), up in the mountains where I’m house and dog-sitting a Labrador/Beagle mix called Patch (it’s him in the picture above and here).

I’m loving it, I love the nature, mountains and the stillness around here. (Ideal time to Skype with me now 🙂 )

My India plans are progressing too but I’m exercising patience right now as I’m waiting to get things in place and that involves waiting on other people.

More to come soon 🙂

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