Shit. Did I just say that? (I’m so spiritual)

I could have used other more strong words too to illustrate my point, but I think you got it.

Not that those words come out often through my mouth but still; I can’t stand people pretending to be better that, holier than, more spiritual than etc someone else.

I don’t mean we should develop some kind of Tourettes or being consciously rude to people.

Just stop pretending!

Stop the ego stroking, boot-licking, people-pleasing behavior!

Stop being so damn “nice” all the time!

Those constant yes-sayers that don’t have a single opinion of their own, who always seem so understanding and .. well, ‘nice’.

I have met some fake people in my life but the worst (to me) are those who pretend to be so damn holy and pure.

Those who call themselves spiritual only after sitting in sermon (or some other kind of ‘spiritual’ meeting) with angel-like smiles on their faces, full of fake compassion, goes out to have a drink and gossip about others.

An woah the one in the crowd who doesn’t agree..!

(Be sure that if that’s you; they will speak behind your back as well. Trust people when they show you who they are).

There is no need to try to impress one another. We don’t have to do the boot-licking thing!

I don’t know about you, but for me it’s liberating to just be who I am.

It doesn’t mean that we have to be an open book to everyone but it does mean to have the integrity and courage to say, unapologetically, (if that’s a word) that ‘that’s non of your business’ if we don’t feel like sharing.

There’s still boundaries.

It’s not about becoming a doormat like the ego thinks. The ego is your mask. You ā€“ the Real You ā€“ is the being/awareness behind it.

I honestly don’t have any problems bursting other people bubbles regarding the boxes they might have put me in.

It occasionally happens that I say words like fuck and shit. (Although usually I use the Swedish words)

I’m not into being humble and meek for you; I’m an assertive person, you just don’t mess with me.

And I can be sweet and kind too.

If you’re fake or shallow I cut you out just like that. I trust my gut about you.

I don’t dwell, and I’m not sentimental, I just move on.

I don’t expect you to change for me.

And I’m spiritual.

But I’m not the least interested in becoming best friends with your ego.

What about you?

Are you driven by other peoples expectations of how they think you should be, or how you think they think you should be?

How complicated to live like that!

To me being spiritual is to letting go of the mask.

Do you diminish your glow and voice for others so that they will feel comfortable around you?

I don’t know about you but to me there’s nothing more attractive than authentic people, confident people, that have no need to impress me in any way.

I love being around people who are comfortable just being themselves.

Think of how much more effort it takes to hold a facade, to uphold an image, just to please others.

Good Lord! the ego thinks; what if someone figures me out, they might disapprove of me!

Only the ego have the need to be liked and looked up to.

How do you think people should be?

Not just so called spiritual people, but people.

What kind of boxes have you put people in? And yourself?

…And who taught you that?

Those are all preconceived opinions about how certain people should be and behave depending on what box we have put them into.

And most of the time those opinions have been given to us, and we just accepted them as truths.

Ask yourself; is it really true..?

Could you actually just be who you are and be perfectly alright and loveable anyway?

I believe so.

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  1. Ha ha, sing it sista! I loved this post. I’ve been noticing that lately – how nicey-nice everyone plays – in both everyday life and in the business world. It’s kinda starting to drive me nuts. Your post was just what I needed to get real with myself and others.

  2. Thanks Kaylee! Appreciated your comment. šŸ™‚

    To me, personally, there’s nothing more attractive than authenticity and confidence, when people are simply being themselves, I think there’s nothing more beautiful than that.

    I can see through all the phoniness and the more aware we evolve spiritually and grow into ourselves, the more clear it gets how ridiculous the play/game is.

    I can see it’s based in insecurity, but when it’s on a more business-related level it just gets manipulative on a totally different level again.

    It’s liberating to just say screw it, isn’t it! We don’t need that crap.

    As someone once said; three powerful questions to ask in any kind of important relationships (whether it’s business or personal) are:

    Do I like them?
    Do I trust them?
    Do I respect them?

    If there’s a “no”, the deal is off.

    Why choose to build relationships with people you don’t trust, don’t respect or don’t like, right? Very eye-opening.

    Wishing you a great weekend! šŸ™‚


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