Sometimes It’s Important To Be Selfish

Sometimes it’s very important to take some time off and be alone, to think about things; to ponder, reevaluate and just get deeply in contact with yourself again.

It’s vitally important to be “selfish” in that way.

Especially if you’re going through a transformational process which many times happens after you have let go of an old aspect of yourself.

After this post: where I shared with you what I have been experiencing lately I went deeper into the transition that had to take place and I went silent for a while.

I’m not sure if any of you noticed it, but if you did, now you know why.

I had to take some time off and be “selfish” and cater to myself, not meet anyone, hardly even talk with anyone and not write much at all.

Instead I have been with myself and out walking with my new dog-BFF Louis and I have meditated, done some writing (to/with myself); I have taken some very much needed time to really think about important things that has to do with my life.

With my experience, since this is something I have been through many times, I know how vitally important it is to take this time when it’s called for, because only when we allow these changes to happen, only then can we come back to the world more integrated and stabilized in the newness of our being.

Once again a lot of changes has taken place within me and I feel refreshed and revitalized, like a brand new person! 🙂 

Here’s how I see it:

We all have to take personal responsibility for getting our spiritual growth stabilized and integrated, meaning we have to be willing to let the changes that needs to happen within us or in our consciousness happen in a peaceful, loving way.

We need to show self-love and be selfish enough to cater to these needs because when we don’t, that’s when stagnation happens.

In some part of the process of our unfolding we chose not to listen and we just forged ahead with whatever needs we thought others wanted from us or expected from us. 

Sometimes spiritual growth is not so much about connecting with some grand idea of an aspect of ourselves but to really get in touch with the human part of us as well, to rediscover the sometimes overlooked real human being that we are and Its needs in this world.

These are the times when we should ask ourselves what we really want, what works and what doesn’t, what to let go of and what to embrace.

And to do it unapologetically.

We all need this, we need the time to ourselves – and at least for me personally it’s critical for my overall well-being.

If this is something you feel you need too, then honor that in yourself and don’t feel the need to justify your need to be alone for a while, just withdraw yourself for a few days and I promise you that the world will function perfectly without you for a little while.

Then, when you come back, you will have grown and you’ll be a different person; transformed.

To me the ever-unfolding Self (as we keep realizing its nature more and more deeply) is taken care of in the best way when we honor this pull from within that asks us to take a step back from everything and just cater to our own needs.

To give ourselves the room and space that is needed – that to me is the best definition of being “selfish”.

And it’s a very healthy and positive thing to be selfish in this way because only then can we really give our best to the world as well 🙂

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  1. katelaine

    I’m being selfish this coming week. Going to stay in a small cabin for a few days by myself. I have felt that I’ve needed needed this for quite some time now. So once again oneof your blogs reaches me at just the right time in my life.

  2. That sounds wonderful! I am too really enjoying my alone time here in the mountains at the moment.

    It’s just me and the cats and the property where I’m staying is surrounded by mountains and nature (and stillness!), it’s like being in heaven 🙂

    I’m so glad to hear that what you needed to hear came to you via my writings, thank you for sharing that with me, it makes me so happy to hear 🙂 <3

    I hope you enjoy the few days you're staying in the cabin, but I'm sure you do.

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