India Travel 2016 – Media Kit

I am so happy to present to you my India Travel Media Kit that I have been working on!

The Project – The Plan – The Journey

My life and work is about living our true life and I love inspiring people to move beyond their comfort zones – simply because that’s where our true life is.

Traveling is one way to really get out there and experience life to the fullest and so is being bold and asking for what you want too when you don’t have the means to get it yourself.

I had never in my life thought that I would go to India but suddenly one day India started calling me and when I responded with a big heartfelt YES the path began to unfold before me.

The Project:

I’m documenting my entire 6 month long journey traveling through India and will share everything live via my website and social media; the process before my trip as well as while traveling.

It all began with the decision to go backpacking but as the idea expanded I was inspired to make this trip the trip of my life by doing things that I would normally not be able to do at this point in my life, so the inspiration came to me that I could simply ask others to partner up with me in exchange for publicity and PR.

The Plan:

To travel both low cost and high cost and everything in between where the higher costs are sponsored by partnerships and collaborations with various businesses throughout India.

I’m interested in anything that can enhance my experience of India and in exchange I’ll highlight and promote your business and services with my audience.

The Journey:

My journey begins in Delhi and continues all over India and in each place I’ll have unique experiences that I look forward to share about with my readers and followers from all over the world.

Please go to for more information.

On that page scroll down to where you can read “Please see my Media Kit (6 pages) for details about everything; what I have to offer, website statistics etc” and click on the link that says “Click Here To Read It” and it will take you directly to the PDF itself.

~Exciting times ahead! 🙂 ✈

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India Travel 2016 Media Kit – Maria Erving

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