India Travel Plans Update

Slowly but surely things are coming into place and I am sooo excited! 🙂

As you know I’m going to India in January 2016 to travel there for 6 months and I wanted to share a little update with you today.

Wonderful things are unfolding and I have January, February, March and April more of less in place now, meaning I have decided where I will be those months and I also have some pretty amazing collaborations in place as well.

India trip 2016
From Delhi to Nepal to Rishikesh to Goa to Kerala 🙂

I don’t have my flight tickets yet because I need to do the visa application first but I will arrive in Delhi in January and after a day or two there I will be doing a week long Indian tour that has to do with the Buddha (exciting!:) and I will most probably go to Nepal too since that was where he was born.

I will know more about this tour within a week or two, but the collaboration is already in place so I’m really happy about that.

After that I’m going to Rishikesh and there too I have at least one collaboration that I really look forward to as well; a 4 day stay at a retreat and maybe a hotel stay too.

Then in February I’m heading down towards Goa (and around Goa) where I will stay for a while before I continue my journey down to Kerala where I will spend most of April. (And after that my journey continues towards Chennai etc, but more about that later).

I have some wonderful experiences to share with you on my journey through India, not only my personal and spiritual journey (I’m doing a 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat too for example but have not decided where yet) but also amazing experiences with different companies and business in India;

Stays at Yoga retreats, SPA and wellness retreats and resorts, adventures and much more!

More collaborations are being discussed right now as I write this, so this journey will truly be amazing, so amazing; 

I look forward to it so much and I look forward to share it all with you! 🙂

Who could ever had imagined that my journey would unfold like this? Not me! 😀

I’m telling you; listen to your heart, go with the ideas that comes to you because you can never know what kind of new adventures and exciting things they can bring into your life.

More to come soon, stay tuned.. 🙂

♥ ♥ ♥

My life and work is about living our true life and I love inspiring people to move beyond their comfort zones – simply because that’s where our true life is, and traveling is one way to really get out there and experience life to the fullest.

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Exciting times ahead! 🙂 ✈

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  1. Mark

    Enjoy your “holiday in Goa!” A little joke from the movie Outsourced.

  2. Thanks Mark but it’s not a holiday.

    I’m going to be away for half a year backpacking and also doing collaborations with different Indian companies, so it’s not a 6 month long “holiday”.

    I haven’t seen the movie (but will watch it, it looks funny, just Googled it) so I didn’t get the joke.

    Were people telling him to “enjoy the holiday” when in fact he went there to work, or.. ?

  3. I just watched the movie last night and liked it, it was a good old feel-good comedy and I like those so thanks for the tips Mark! 🙂

    Let me know if you or anyone else reading this know of any similar ones that has to do with India, I’d love to know about them.

    “Eat, pray, love” is one of my favorite movies so similar to that too is welcomed; let me know about them! 🙂

  4. If you have time Maria please check out these films: Swades: We, the People; Monsoon Wedding; Bread and Tulip(not about India but has a similar theme); Im Juli(a nice German road movie)

    I’m the biggest film buff so I got kinda excited when I saw your post lol, and keep us updated with your upcoming trip!

  5. Wonderful Yunfan, thanks a lot!

    I’ve checked them all out and the Swades movie looks most interesting at the moment because it’s about India so I’ll watch it tonight 🙂

  6. PS: Interesting to be introduced to foreign movies btw as I’m usually all into American movies.

    I love biopics (looking forward to the one about Janis Joplin, have been waiting for that one for years now), true stories/drama, romcoms and documentaries the most.

    And Swedish movies are great! Have you seen any?

    If not I recommend them strongly 🙂

  7. Yeah I’ve seen a few, I liked Fucking Amal(lol) and Let the Right one In, it’s been a while since I kept up with European cinema, there’s been a few animated masterpieces released in Japan at the moment – one of my favorite is ‘Tale of Princess Kaguya’, I recommend that as well, highly, I watched it 5 times and it still takes my breath away every time! It’s a beautiful meditative piece on life told through a 10th Century folktale – with breathtaking artworks! I really hope you see it 🙂 when you do, prepare lots of tissues!

  8. Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m not that much of a movie enthusiast, not like you seem to be 😀

    I have periods when I watch movies and then long periods when I don’t watch any at all and I only watch a movie once no matter how good it is, but one of my brothers for example he can watch the same movie over and over again.

    Yesterday I started to watch the Swades movie but turned it off after a few minutes but not because it was bad but because I just didn’t want to watch a movie after all 🙂

    My taste is more American also and I find movies that are described as “visually beautiful” or “meditative” etc to be painfully boring so I don’t watch those (nor do I like animated movies).

    I haven’t watched Swedish movies in a while myself, not sure what’s on the market there nowadays.

    Just before I moved to Spain I remember a (Swedish) biopic about a Swedish woman who left her hometown and became a famous singer I believe it was, that was one of the best movies I have seen but I can’t remember the name of it.

    Swedish humor if funny too, I love a series that goes there called “Solsidan” (on TV), not sure if you can find it on Youtube or something (but it’s in Swedish).

    You get a lot of LOL’s from the series, it’s hilarious 😀

  9. Found it! It’s called “Monica Z”:

    Hope you’re able to watch it (if it resonates with you).

    I remember I watched it around the time I was going to move away from Scandinavia and there’s a line in the movie somewhere that really resonated with me.

    I’m paraphrasing but it said something like “I’m never coming back – never!” (when she was about to move away from her home town) and that was how I felt at the time too so it really spoke to me.

    It’s funny how Life sends you these types of empowering and inspiring things isn’t it, via movies, books, etc etc.

    Anyways, I’m a huge fan of biopics, I love true stories 🙂

  10. Mark

    A great true story documentary whose events were unfolding exactly 100 years ago: Shacklton’s Voyage of Endurance. It’s the story of an Antarctic expedition that failed and how the entire crew was saved. The documentary includes lots of photos and even video taken on the voyage. You can find it on YouTube, it’s not available anywhere else that I know of. Great story of survival against great odds.

    Another docu you might like is called Exit Through the Gift Shop. This one is produced by Banksy, the grafitti artist. It profiles him and some other grafitti artists and how they do their work, as well as asking some good questions about what art is.

    There’s a good French comedy you might like called The Closet. That’s the English title.

  11. Have seen the Banksy movie but not the expedition film, and the movies you mentioned in your email; I have watched them all 🙂

    Yes, look what I have started! It’s fun 🙂

    Here’s a few of the most recent movies I have seen:


    “Brand, a second coming”

    “Amy” (really great movie about Amy Winehouse, from 2015)

    “One Mississippi” (Tig Notaro) It’s only 26 min long but really good especially if you know a little bit about Tig.

    And here’s a couple of movies about human nature, they are both new (from 2015)

    “The Stanford Prison Experiment”

    I had expected and hoped it to be better but it was okay.

    I think though you have to be interested in human nature/behavior in order to appreciate the movie and watch it til the end as I did.

    It could have been better if it had been more ‘informative’ about the experiment itself.

    A better movie about human nature/behavior is “Experimenter” (also from 2015).

    And one of the best movies (docs) I have seen this year has to be “Going clear: Scientology and the prison of belief”, it was excellent, very much recommend anyone to see it.

    This movie too really shows how incredibly powerful beliefs are (human nature again and the power of the mind and conformity etc etc), great, great movie.

    And just yesterday or so a movie about Janis Joplin has been released and I can’t wait to see it!

    It’s called “Janis, Little Girl Blue”:

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