India Vaccinations, Tickets and Visa Application

Done! 😀 Woo hoo!

Not all of it, but I have done most of it now.

The flight tickets to Delhi and back to Spain are now purchased and today I sent away the Visa application to Sweden, so within a few weeks I’ll get it back approved (I hope, as you can’t know beforehand but I don’t see any reason why I should be denied), and on January 12 I’m off to India! 😀

My Visa application India travel
My Visa application for India travel is now sent!

I’m flying via England (Gatwick and Heathrow), so if anyone of my readers live there and would like to host me for one night at arrival (January 12 at 8:45 PM to the next morning when my flight goes around 11 AM) then please send me an email 🙂

♥ Thank you ♥

I also went to Malaga yesterday and got the vaccinations I believe I need.

I didn’t take any malaria stuff nor did I take the Japanese encephalitis vaccination and I also skipped the polio vaccination since I took it when I was a child and the doctor said that I don’t need the polio shot for India (although on some websites I have read they say that you do need it, so I don’t know).

Please share your own experiences and opinions below, I would love to hear what you decided to take and not take if you have ever gone through this process yourself and traveled to India.

There’s still one more shot that I need to take in January before I leave and some pills, but I don’t have to go all the way to Malaga to get them.

Vaccinations for India travel
Vaccinations for India travel done! I took three shots yesterday and have one more to go.

God I’m happy right now, I can’t stop smiling! 🙂

I always hate this part of planning a trip and I don’t use that word often but I do hate it and I am very relieved that it’s over and done with.

And all in time for the full moon again! (More about that here: #FullMoon)

It’s always a time for completions and letting go (at least that’s the natural cycle of how things unfold for me) and today before I sent the application to Sweden I meditated on it for a few minutes first (I sat outside the post office) and then released it from my hands with the thought “que sera sera”;

Whatever happens with it is what is meant to happen so I am very happy that it’s out of my hands now and I look forward to get a letter back from the Visa application center in Stockholm soon.

Hopefully before Christmas, that would be wonderful!

If anyone have any questions at all about this whole process with vaccinations and Visa applications, please post your comments and questions below so that others can benefit from the answers as well; I’m happy to help as much as I can.

Wishing you all a happy full moon and a productive and inspiring new cycle beginning tomorrow! 🙂

(And please let me know about my overnight stay in the UK; if any of you have a couch to lend me).

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