How to ask for inner guidance

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“Gurus are all saying different things” – Who should I believe, who is right?

“How do you listen to yourself if you have never done that before?”

I’ve written a lot about how to go within and ask for guidance so I’m just going to share the essence of it now (which is all you need, it’s not complicated at all) and give you a few links that will direct you to even more clarity.

Here’s a post that will help you become more aware of the subtle nudges the universe sends you and have always been sending you throughout your life:

Follow Your Impulses To Live a Grander Life 

Here’s a list with ten things regarding intuition and the importance of listening to it and how to get in touch with it:

Meditation and Intuition: How To Receive Answers

Journaling and writing is an excellent way to receive answers and guidance.

A silent retreat is massively beneficial for connecting with yourself and Life, and I highly, highly recommend it:

DIY Silent Retreat 

Okay, that should get you started! 🙂

But as I said, it’s not complicated, all you need is sincerity and honesty (with yourself).

5 steps to listen to the higher wisdom within you:

All you really need to do to listen to yourself and communicate with Life, the universe, is simply to do this:

1.) Intend that you want growth and progress, expansion, higher knowing, or something like that.

You want to grow and further your life and move forward. That’s the intention.

2.) Speak/write freely from your heart and say everything that’s on your mind (don’t hold back, let it all out).

Communicate like you’re speaking to your very best friend (who happens to be all-knowing!:)

Say you want guidance and clear direction (ask for it).

3.) Get quiet/still and sit in that silence for a few moments.

After a few moments you can begin to ask (quietly to yourself/Life) whatever questions you’d like to have answers to.

Here’s a few suggestions:

  • “What is important that I know or understand about my life right now?”
  • “What is the next right move?”
  • “What is the next right actions for me to take?”
  • “What is mine to do, if anything?”
  • “What is the best way for me to use this day?”
  • “What new influences do I need?”
  • “What is the next direction?”
  • “What new inspiration/knowledge do I need?”
  • “Is there something I would benefit from knowing/being aware of?”
  • “Is there something I’ve been ignoring or not ‘getting’, if so what is that?”
  • “What do I need to let go of?”
  • “What do I need to embrace/realize?”
  • “What is the Truth that needs to be spoken/understood/realized?”
  • “What is Life telling me?”
  • “Is there any other question I would benefit from asking?”

4.) Sit in meditation when you’re done with the talking and asking.

Sometimes a few minutes is enough, sometimes a longer meditation is more appropriate.

You have to feel into this yourself and do what feels right for you, but I would recommend 20 minutes to start with if you’re new to this.

5.) Say Thank You when you’re done and get up and do something completely unrelated to your questions and meditation.

You can do anything that creates a ‘break’ from the meditation (= you let the questions go, you release them to the higher power within you/Life/the universe), like for example gardening, go for a walk, listen to music or watch a funny movie.

Something that is unrelated to your meditation and the things you asked about.

That’s it!

Now Life has the ball.

You can end your meditation by saying something like this:

“Now I have said and asked everything I needed to ask so now the ball is in your court. Whatever happens next is a sign or direction from you and I will trust it and do what I’m guided to do without hesitation”.

It will always feel right.

It can be a nudge, feeling, or clear sign of some kind, but whatever it is, it has a feeling of rightness about it.

If it doesn’t feel right, it’s the ego trying to get you off path.

It should always feel right and true to you.

“Right” does not necessarily mean “good” as you might have to make a decision that is not easy, like for example letting go of a person, habit/crutch, or situation (or teaching, Guru, whatever it may be).

If you’re unsure, do a new meditation about that specifically (although doubt usually means “don’t”, but to know this you need to know the difference between true doubt and doubt of the ego).

Always consult within, and the more you do this, the communication will become more and more clear and begin to flow automatically and instantly all the time.

Connecting and spending time in nature is always good.
Spending time in nature is always good, it’s our greatest teacher. Stillness and nature always helps you get in touch and connected with yourself and Truth.

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