The Gift Of The Present Moment Is Inner Peace

The Gift Of The Present Moment Is Peace

We can’t find peace by escaping from human pain and suffering, but you can find peace in the midst of your pain, and the present moment is the medicine that relieves you from mental and emotional suffering.

As we stay centered in the present moment we can watch life unfold around us without having our minds freak out by the slightest disturbance it experiences.

When we come into this moment there really are no problems, but what happens is that the more stillness that is introduced, the louder the ego voice gets, all in an attempt to pull you away from this moment.

That’s when thoughts come in very strongly about all kinds of things that screams for your attention:

I have to ____”, I should really think about _____”, I must take care of _____”, I need to solve/figure out _____” and so on.

The mind insists and does all it can to draw you away from the present moment and into the future or past.

It can be about what happened an hour ago or what will happen an hour from now, or it can be about what happen last week or when you were five, it doesn’t matter as long as it catches you full attention.

Simply Be Where Life Really Is; Right Here and Now

“Well, should I just sit here doing nothing, isn’t that lazy and irresponsible?” the ego voice says.

As if being still was “nothing”! 

Because when looking at it realistically, how much resistance isn’t there about ‘doing nothing’?

How much energy do you not use in resisting ‘doing nothing’? 

When you could just relax and in fact, do nothing.

And then from the peace that naturally comes when we get back to the present moment, from there, that’s when answers and solutions comes forth, easily and effortlessly, without us having to *think* excessively about them. 

Past and future are distractions to the now, while being in the present moment gives us total freedom from fears, regretful memories, and worries about the future.

We just are here and now and the “monkey mind” is finally silent.

And by simply being here (doing nothing, letting thoughts float by, relaxing) a huge gratitude is felt from the realization of just how precious each moment of life is.

There is infinite peace and happiness in living in the present moment.

This is when we can really see it as the gift it is.

A healing session can be a portal to that peace and freedom.

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