Inquiring Into Stillness (Committed to know the Truth)

Lets pretend that you were out walking by the lake, and suddenly you met God and he asked you what you really, really wanted, what would your reply be?

Really think about this. What do you really want?

This is very revealing – it reveals to you what is most important to you, what you are potentially truly devoted and committed to.

I say potentially, because it depends on your commitment to be true to yourself – if you merely pay lip-service or if you are truly honest and sincere with yourself.

Sometimes people say that they are committed to that which they say is most important to them, but their actions show differently and the truth remains that what we actually do is what is most important to us, not what we say it is.

To inquire into stillness requires that we take some time off of everything, from all distractions and noise of the world, and when we do, the mental noise can be even stronger because the mind resists stillness and self-inquiry.

In the process there will be a change of will, or power if you will, from the persons wishes and wants (personal will), to the will of God (which we in essence are), and the conditioned “I” is not going to give up it’s (imagined) control easily!

One could look at it this way:

There’s a personal “I”, and there’s a universal “I”, and the personal “I” is the conditioned self with a story: “I am this, I am that, I want this, I don’t want that” and so on. It is full of opinions and it thinks it knows what Life is and what is best. 

The universal “I” is the Heart, or Intuition. It’s the same thing.

So when the driving power in our life changes so to speak, and we move from the person with it’s own wishes and wants (will) to the will of God (the intuitive heart-centered self) the false self (the person we have been conditioned into believing we are) is going to put up a fight.

In the process the ego will be burned up by Grace, and we go through all kinds of processes; ego death, dark night of the soul and what not.

This process can be fierce to say the least. Lots of stuff will come up, not to be healed or fixed, but cleared out by Grace. The false will be removed. 

  • Feelings of anger, arrogance, irritation, resentment and fed-up-ness will come up, as well as deep sadness, hopelessness and despair, .. confusion, disorientation, .. 

There will be times when you feel judgmental and impatient with others, very so called “un-spiritual” behaviors and attitudes will present themselves 🙂 

Many emotions and feelings will come up. Let them come up and let Grace do the work and clear those emotions away.

It’s not your job, this is not something you can do or chose to do, it’s purely Grace.

The ‘you’ who you thought you were is the one that is being cleared out, and sometimes when in the middle of one of these grinding of the ego-processes you can become very unpredictable in the eyes of others, some will even think you’ve gone slightly mad or crazy (and you will also see the insanity of the world even clearer), and it’s important to express – if only for yourself – those things as well.

It’s actually vital.

You must allow yourself to be to be irritable and erratic if that’s what you are.

It’s more important to be true than to be nice.

It is a good idea to take some time off of everything though and spend some time alone when it’s at the worst. When you’re ready for the world again, Grace will guide you into the world again. 

Gradually the forces will stabilize and settle down, and if you’re truly committed to let yourself be done, the more inclined you will be to continue inquiring within, regardless of how challenging and difficult the processes may be to go through.

They will all pass faster if they are allowed to happen. 

If what you truly want is the Truth and nothing but the Truth, then know that the Truth shall set you free, not you, you are not the doer here, God is.

If the higher desire is Truth then you will come to realize that the “I” is not true, it’s a lie, and that is what you become free from.

The spiritual awakening is not for the person, it’s from the person – and into God-consciousness, and what Truth also will reveal is the truth of who you are not. 

Can you remain quiet enough to not only inquire within into the stillness, but also to hear the calling of the heart that will show you what it real and what is not?

Can you let the intuitive knowing that leads you to the quiet and still place within direct you and show you the light that you are in reality?

What the ego resists and fears the most is that stillness; are you willing to go there anyway? 

Let me ask you again, what would your reply be to God if you met him today and he asked you what you really want?

Do you want what the little self want, or do you want the Truth?

If Truth is what your highest desire is, then be still and ask yourself “Who am I” and prepare to also be shown who you are not – and trust that the same power who has guided you to this point is also the same power that holds all of this.

All of it.  

Trust Life


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