Inspirational and Spiritual movies

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What The Bleep Do We Know!?

Down The Rabbit Hole

OMG Movie

The Moses Code

Conversations With God
Pay It Forward

The Shift (Ambition To Meaning)

You Can Heal Your Life

Field Of Dreams

The Pursuit Of Happyness

The Peaceful Warrior
The Secret

What Dreams May Come

The Wizard Of Oz

The Matrix

The Celestine Prophecy

Fierce Grace

John Q

Life As A House

A Walk To Remember

Remember The Titans



Steel Magnolias

The Secret Behind The Secret

Kung Fu Panda

Lion King

The Diving Bell And The Butterfly

Brother Sun, Sister Moon

The Man Who Planted Trees

The Never Ending Story

The Sunshine Makers


City Of Angels

A Walk In The Clouds

The Shadow Effect

Spiritual Liberation


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Life has a magical way of clicking into place once you get in alignment with it.

Once you’re freed from the past and blockages are released and dissolved, a sense of renewal and liberation comes over you and you’re able to move forward in life with a new sense of aliveness and inner joy, peace and confidence.

You have been an amazing addition to my life!

Thank you for all of the wonderful light, and love that you send out into the world. You are indeed an inspiration even though we are half way across the world – isn’t that wonderful! It is a privilege that is not taken lightly. Thank you Maria! 

Ruby Coleman Professional Musician and Actress, Memphis, Tennessee, USA


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