What is Inspirational Writing?

The past week or so I have got some emails and questions about inspirational writing so I thought I’d write a little something about that.

I received a question from one of my readers:

Writing … What is really happening?

When we write down our goals, or any meaningful symbols, or words like love or hate. What’s going on an energetic or spiritual level?

These questions made me think back on how my beliefs were before (in the past) and how they are now.

I used to be a huge goal-setter, I had massive to-do-lists and I was very specific in all my plans, goals and visions.

Hey, I’m a triple earth sign and born in the year of the ox, so I’m literally the ‘worker/builder of the Zodiac’ and I’m also kind of a perfectionist and detail oriented, so you can only imagine.. haha 😀

I had long lists about everything, I made very detailed vision boards and so on, and when I take action (still today) I’m a force to be reckoned with!

And then I had my awakening, and after that all that lost their meaning.

Poof! Gone.

At the time in my own personal journey it played a huge part as it allowed me to pinpoint my values and standards too as it’s obviously not only about material stuff and my goals of becoming successful in my life, so my answer to the question on how writing down goals affects us on an energetic level would be that if you feel drawn to write down your goals and if it feels right for you to do that, then go ahead and do that.

It may be exactly what you need to do at this point in your life.

I always emphasize the importance of following our own flow and we are all on different places in our own personal development, so there’s really not a specific path to follow but our own.

I used to be into symbols too; I’m a Reiki Healing Master so I have worked a whole lot with the different Reiki symbols for example, but that too has lost their importance in my life, they mean nothing to me today.

But they can still mean something to you, whatever symbols we’re talking about.

What happens on an “energetic level” I would say that if it resonates with you, it obviously touches your core being somehow, so go with that. What happens is that it resonates with your heart, which is always Your Truth.

The same with words.

For some the word “hate” is very strong, and some people don’t use that at all, I rarely do myself because to me it’s kind of a strong word, but that’s just me.

Others may not be affected emotionally at all by the word.

While some people easily say “I love you” to basically whomever, maybe I select more carefully who I utter those words to, and so on. There’s no right and wrong in this.

It’s really about how we personally think and feel about things – there aren’t any rules or specific guidelines that has the same meaning to everyone.

And we all change all the time, our opinions change, thought systems transform etc, so I always encourage people to look for the answer within themselves. The only consistent Truth is the inner voice, always.

What matters, really, is our own individual emotional response to everything, and that includes writing and reading (words and symbols) as well.

What resonates with each and everyone, what the gut-feelings is saying, and our own inner guidance is what we essentially always should follow, and that’s what happens on a spiritual level as well as an “energetic” level, it all depends on if it touches the truth within ourselves.

Hope that answered your question! (The reader who asked the question)

A few have also asked me about writing this past week and because I have noticed the focus on that specific theme I thought I’d write a few words about that too.


Where Do I Get My Inspiration From and How Does My Writing Happen?

To me life itself is the source of inspiration, and life can be both creative and destructive, it’s all a part of our human experience and I write a lot about my own experiences, both the good and ‘bad’. (And sometimes the ugly too!:-)

The writing itself usually just ‘happens’, like right now, I do my two-finger-typing like a crazy woman, the words just comes out rapidly by themselves.

I know the writing is done through me, even though my personal stuff comes through as well.

Especially when I’m annoyed or irritated about something, provoked etc, that really gets me going and I love it!

Another thing is that I always get massively inspired when I’m out walking and sometimes I literally have to run home so that I can write it all out immediately, but oftentimes I write keywords that comes up and short sentences/ideas/insights on my cellphone and then when I get home again I write an article from them.

Also, I usually get inspired after I have meditated too, sometimes in the middle of meditation and I have to get up and write right away.

It has even happened that I have woken up in the middle of the night or very early in the morning by the urge to write and it’s such a strong nudge/drive that I can’t ignore it.

I have tried to, but it just keeps nudging me and finally I have to get up and write the article. 😀

That’s a little bit about how the writing process manifests in my life, I’m sure others have their own relationship with their writing that is personal to them. (Feel free to share below in comments!)

My number one advice would be to never force the writing, or write because you feel you ‘have to’ or anything.

If writing is uninspired, it shows and it can be felt, it doesn’t touch hearts, and that is kind of the point with writing isn’t it?

(That it is from one heart to another).

To find inspiration when you don’t feel it: look at your life, it’s full of inspiration!

Even our struggles and sorrows can be a source of inspiration. Just as our joys and happy moments can be.

Look around your own life, what’s happening in the world around you and your own life?

Go out for a long walk in silence, meditate etc, and it will eventually come – inspiration can strike any time when we least expect it! 🙂

You can also ask your higher self: What wants to be expressed through me right now, what am I to share? and then listen for the answer and insights.

Here’s a post that might be of interest:  https://mariaerving.com/self-enquiry/

Ask Your Own Question Here.

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