Take Inspired Action

Success is determined by what our Soul wants.

All else is just a rat race, a mediocre state of mind regardless the amount of money we may have. If it is from ego we will never be satisfied, and there will never be enough, always straining and struggling for more, more, more.

Right action comes from Inspiration!

Get inspired! Read and study people who has achieved what you want to achieve and learn from then. It doesn’t even have to cost you any money so you have no excuses! The Internet is full of free e-books, and the more you search the more of them you find. The supply will never end.

Watch interviews and inspirational movies and block all other things out. Don’t let anything cloud your vision of a better life.

Play and have fun!

The right action comes from right thinking, and doing that which feels right is what you should do. There will be times when you feel frustrated and you want to pull your hair out, as I have felt, but the passion will drive you forward.

I’m not going to lie to you and say that it will all be a smooth path, because there will be things you have to learn along the way which is totally new you you, but you know you have to learn it to grow beyond your old self, and if you have pure intentions about your wish to transform, believe me, you will evolve to greater heights than ever before.

I promise you, the satisfaction you feel when you have accomplish a task you didn’t know how you would do will feel so good in the end. You will feel so proud of yourself. And when you think of it; wouldn’t the world be full of satisfied and fulfilled people if everything was easy..? It will be easy in that sense that you really WANT to do all the things you are to do, even if they seem difficult at first.

Get Inspired! Let your soul lead. That’s where all awesomeness in the world comes from 🙂


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