Interacting With People In The Dream State

.. Can be extremely challenging at times!

As I mentioned in one of my previous articles, things has changed in my life and many things has happened within me that has changed the whole foundation of my beingness, or my core existence.

I have tried to write about this before a few times lately, but all my attempts has failed and I haven’t been able to put how I am experiencing life now into words that can explain it in a way that is understandable. 

Even now, as I’m writing this, I am not sure I will succeed this time either but I will do my best.

I know I have been saying that we are never “done” in the awakening process (as consciousness is ever-expanding) but there is a place in all this that we come to where there is a sense of ‘being done’.

I’ll try to explain this – and it’s important to understand that we are not ‘done’ even if there is a .. – crap, words just stop this whole thing from coming through me.

It’s beyond description so let’s try another angle.

Okay, so this is what has happened;

A while ago I began to sense that something is going on with me, in me, and I knew a transformation was taking place as I could feel it in my whole being, and one morning I woke up and I just knew that I was “done”.

I was finished; done. The “I” was ‘finished’, if that makes any sense.

With this new awareness I realized that I had shifted into the awakened state (silly word, but that’s all I can use right now), and you all know (who have followed my blog for the past years) that I have always been very careful to not use the words that would describe me as “being awakened” as I knew that I was in the awakening process.

And yes, I had awakened in a sense before that too (there are many layers to this whole process), but I knew I wasn’t “done”, that there was more to come, and in this process sincerity (towards ourselves) is an absolute necessity because who are we fooling but ourselves if we pretend to be something we’re not?

We only cheat ourselves if we think we are ‘done’ when we know we are not.

Most often people want to be ‘done’ so that they can wear the “badge of enlightenment” but that has never been my aim, I didn’t even choose this path (of awakening), it chose me.

And I will probably smile with amusement at where I’m at right now a few years from now, fully knowing that we are all children in this, sometimes even like new-born babies.  

So I’m ruthlessly honest with myself (now and always) as I am only interested in the Truth, and to be honest I have never had any ideas about what awakening is as the concept was absolutely foreign to me when I was thrown into this years ago. 

What I do know though is that the world is full of people who are having completely false ideas about what it is; it’s not what most people think it is at all. 

And I’m not in this for you, or anyone else for that matter, not even for myself; but only the Truth.

It has me. I am being done by It. 

I have even said straight out (to Life) that I rather die than live a lie, and I meant it, and I still do.

So, .. anyways;

I woke up one morning a while ago, knowing that “I” was ‘done’, that I was no longer in the process of awakening but that I had awakened.

Now, this is not the end!

There were no feelings of ‘wow’ or ‘whoopi’ or anything like that; it was just a clear knowing that “I am done”, and that was that. 

And this is very important for all of us to know and understand; we are not ‘done’ even if we are done.

There is always a continuous unfolding and deepening of the awakening, and enlightenment is, as I have said before, something we mature into, and that process can take years. (Even lifetimes). 

But again; as I have said before; I am not interested in enlightenment in the sense that I’m not aiming for it, it’s more of a knowing that that’s where I’m headed but “I” have no say in when that will become my existence (in lack of a better word) as it can happen in this life or some other lifetime, I don’t know and I don’t even care.

This is all about Life taking “me” for a ride so I don’t know how it will unfold.

(And we are all moving towards awakening so I don’t perceive myself to be special in any kind of way). 

But I do know that I have shifted into a new state of being, and that this state is the awakened state (again, silly word to describe “this”), and with that said I also know that there are stages and levels in this too, so I’m not ‘done’-done, but I am done.

If this makes any sense 🙂

It’s not yet abiding (established fully) as I can sense myself going in and out of pure awareness where I experience myself as, .. well, awareness, where there is no “me”. 

I just “am”, and sometimes I can look around in the room I’m in for example and there is no “I”, there is no ‘self’, only awareness.

And with this new way of being (which doesn’t show on the outside as you don’t become ‘more spiritual’ that many people tend to think) and when I have to interact with people in the old life so to speak (or beingness) the interaction with people in the dream state is sometimes really painful to me. 

Imagine that you are awake in a dream, or in a nightmare (that the ego level consciousness is); where you see other people completely unaware of Reality, where they are suffering through life (and some of them even believe that they are happy), wanting to drag you into it, and everything you see they can’t see, and everything they see, you can’t relate to anymore.

You move and walk and talk in the dream state but from a whole different level of being that has no relation to that world anymore.

You have awakened to the awareness that is beyond the dream state of ego consciousness and you have awakened to a whole new life which is pretty much the opposite of the life you once knew.

Everything others see, you don’t see anymore. (You see the falseness of what others perceive as true and real).

Everything you see, they can’t see. (Or even know exist).

And so when you are in a situation where you are more or less forced to be in an environment (as we all can be at times) where there are dense ego’s around you it can be very challenging because a dialogue is nearly impossible.

Just as their reality doesn’t make any sense to me, mine does not make any sense to them, and unless you have realized Truth, not until then will you have the slightest idea of what I’m talking about, and you can’t get here so to speak (not that there’s anywhere to “get”) unless you realize that your world is an illusion,..

.. And you can’t come to the realization that your world is an illusion unless you relentlessly inquire into Truth about everything in your existence. 

Ignorance is not only when you don’t know (or have awareness of) something but when you do know something but that which you ‘know’ is not true. 

That’s what ignorance is; when you think you’re seeing clearly but your (spiritual) eyes are actually closed, and unless you are willing to have your whole world crushed into nothingness (by Truth) you won’t be able to move beyond the reality you now perceive as being true and real. 

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  1. Beautifully written, the experiences that you’re sharing are absolute gifts, one thing that I really love about them is that despite how other-wordly and seemingly bizarre these experiences are, you’ve expressed in such a way that is so down to earth and sincere that they become easy to relate to. I am cheering for you in every step of your wonderful journey, keep uploading that sweet soul of yours Maria xoxoxo


  2. Thank you Yunfan, I’m glad to hear that what I shared in this article is easy for you to relate to as it’s a difficult thing to explain using words.

    I feel that it’s important that I do try though because this whole process of awakening is not an easy one at times.

    It’s not all about bliss and cosmic exaltation and so on that the majority of people on the spiritual path think it is; it’s literally a process where you die and where you’re born again (in Spirit).

    Right now I’m in a very good place within myself and I’m very inspired at the moment too and as I’m going with this flow and enjoying it to the fullest, articles are produced out of it and if people can relate to them then that makes me really happy, so thank you for sharing that with me 🙂

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